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Climate Action To Go Kits Presentation

No description

Johan Stroman

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of Climate Action To Go Kits Presentation

http://www.scrd.ca/actionkits Community Energy & Emissions Plan “One of the biggest inspirations that came from Climate Smart Training is how we think about transportation; this is a huge issue for BC. Businesses with a larger employee base have challenges in regards to promoting transportation behaviour changes, especially living in a rural community." - Ox and Monkey Corporate - Target: 27% reduction by 2018 5 Milestone Program - SCRD on Milestone 4 Heat Recovery System Sechelt Aquatic
Heat Pump installations (several)
Relamping (several)
Anti-Idling Policy
FuelSmart Drivers Training (staff) 238 Canadian Municipalities BC Climate Action Plan Henry Reed Farm
Green Room Organics
FarmGate Market
Butcher's Block
One Straw Society
SPIN Cycles
Off the Edge Adventure
Amerispec Inspection Services
Gibsons Building Supplies
Home Hardware
Coast Princess Books
RONA Pender Harbour
BC Hydro PowerSmart Partners Tools to test and learn about home energy use
A Guidebook for the tools
Books for adults and kids
Local resource information Climate Action Kits Partners for Climate Protection Goal: 33% reduction in GHGs by 2020 LiveSmart Program - At Home - $7,000 rebates Sponsors & Supporters Gibsons and District Public Library
Sechelt Public Library
Pender Harbour Reading Room
Roberts Creek Reading Room
District of Sechelt
Town of Gibsons
Capital Regional District
Greater Victoria Public Libraries
Saltspring Island Public Library
Vancouver Island Regional Libraries
BC Hydro PowerSmart Sustainability Plan Promoting Green Buildings 2012+
Offered Built Green Training 2012
Energy Rebate Program 2011-2014 Green Building Conservation Culture Strengthen Economy Supported Bike to Work Week
2011 & 2012 Sustainable Transportation Developing Sustainability guidelines and information
Evaluating effective policy on landuse & building Efficient Land Use Atlas available in Nov 2012 profiling local opportunities
Highlights several local projects Renewable Energy A fun and easy way to learn about saving on energy and reducing emissions Behaviour
Policy Education and Awareness - workshops
Incentives & Rebates - online & ads Supporting EV Charging Plan Promoting PIP Program
12 businesses took ClimateSmart training Community - Target: 19% reduction by 2031 www.scrd.ca/actionkits http://www.bchydro.com/powersmart www.bchydro.com/powersmart/ Exclusive Team PowerSmart offers
Members-only newsletter
Energy-saving tips & online tools
Stories about what really works Team PowerSmart Reduce your electricity use by 10%
in one year and win $75 Climate Action Kits were developed in partnership with Capital Regional District and these local partners These organizations helped make the kits and put them into the community These organizations provided prizes and funding to highlight local food, local transport, and home improvements that shrink your energy bills & footprint The province has committed to reducing our overall emissions by 33% by 2020. One way our carbon tax contributions support emissions reductions is as rebates to homeowners who upgrade their homes to make them more energy efficient. You can receive up to $7,000 to help pay for more insulation, new windows, a new furnace or renewable energy systems on your home. The Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program is a network of Canadian municipal governments that have committed to reducing greenhouse gases and acting on climate change. Town of Gibsons, District of Sechelt and the SCRD are all part of PCP. Each is working to reduce their Corporate Emissions. The SCRD has begun on Milestone 4 SCRD's target is a 27% emissions reduction (Corporately) by 2018 (from 2008 levels). Here are a few of the steps we are working on or recently completed. These are the plans that are helping drive community energy emissions reductions and energy conservation A team of organizations helped developed the coast's sustainability plan. It sets out a community's vision for its healthiest, most desirable future and identifies key actions needed in the short term to achieve that vision. A discussion paper called We Envision: One Coast, Together in Nature, Culture and Community provides a first attempt at such a plan. http://www.onecoast.ca The paper touches on 13 strategic directions. Feel free to read the discussion paper, give us feedback and become a local sustainability champion today! Many of these directions affect
energy and/or emissions directly. The Community Energy & Emissions Plan has specific action recommendations to reduce emissions This is the Community Emissions target (from 2006 levels). Below are 6 key areas where work has been done. We need everyone to participate. You can help in many ways! Together these 6 areas touch on three ways we can change what will help us reach these goals This new library resource
can help you and your family
reduce local energy impacts and a great
movie Join team powersmart
and get money back for saving on your energy use, and get great tips! Key actions are profiled in the 6 areas shown here Learn more about action steps you can take at home, online resources, our survey and great local prizes you can win!
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