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TRMS Media Center Orientation

No description

Anne Bryant

on 16 August 2015

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Transcript of TRMS Media Center Orientation

TRMS Media Center Orientation
Ms. Alarcon Media & Educational Technology Instructor
Ms. Callander

Three Items May Be Checked out at a Time
Books Are Due Two Weeks from Checkout Date (excludes weekends and holidays)
Young Adult Books Need a Parental Permission Form to Be Checked out
All Items Can Be Renewed Once
Students Should Bring their Agendas with Their Barcode to Checkout
Suggestion Box on Coffee Table for Books Not Currently in Media Center
Overdues and Fines
There Are Fines for Overdue Materials
Fines Are 5 Cents a Day for Each Item That Is Late
Overdue Notices Will Be Given Out to Homeroom Teachers to Remind Students to Return Materials
No Materials Can Be Checked Out if You Have Overdue Materials
Student Expectations
•Must Be on Their Best Behavior in the Media Center and Comply with the Requests of the TRMS Media Center Staff
•Must Sign-in at the Circulation Desk
•Must Have a Signed Teacher Pass and Show It upon Entering (Morning You May Also Have Parent Signed Pass)
•Must Have Internet Permission Form Signed and Adhere to TRMS Computer Lab rules
•Computers are for School Work Only

•25 Computers, Scanner, and Printer Available for Student Use (available when classes aren’t being taught)
•Print Resources, 24 hour Access to Digital Resources Including Card Catalog, Apps, eBooks, Nook checkout
•Help with Technology, Resource Selection, and Books for Pleasure Reading
•Free Black and White Printing for Class Assignments
•Pen, Pencil, Paper Vending Machine (prices range from 25 cents to 75 cents)
Chess and Checkers Available in the Mornings or with Teacher Permission

Services Continued
•Student Copier (10 cents each page)
•Research Helper and Citation Handouts Available on Handout Shelf at the Entrance
•Strive for 25 Reading Promotion
•121 Tutoring on Monday and Thursday after school (permission slips available on handout shelf at entrance
•Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Team

Media Center Website and Blog
Can Access through the TRMS Site trms.ga.net
Then Under Students Click on Media Center
Then Click on Media Center Website
Virtual Library, Video Tutorials, Research Help, Upcoming Activities, Etc.
Fiction (ex. Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
Nonfiction (ex. Books on Sports, Science, etc. )
(Hunger Games, Nicholas Sparks)
Local History, Biography (Books on People), and Classics
Media Center Apps
• Mackin Via to Access Most of TRMS Digital Resources (use FCS log in and password)
Destiny Quest (use fcsdestiny.fultonschools.org and FCS log in and password)
•Follett Enlight
(Use FCS log in and password and Follett Shelf number wbb06951
•Access My School School Edition (Gale Cengage) Select State, City, School then Click Update My Resources and then You Can Access Them

Computer Lab Rules
Must Have a Signed Internet Usage Form on File
Use the Internet Via the TRMS Home Page.
No Games or Music should be Downloaded
Students Are Not Allowed in Any Computer Lab without an Staff Member Present
No Documents Should Be Sent to Print without Approval
Papers from the Printer Should be Removed by the Instructor Only
Students Should Stay at their Computer While Work is Being Printed
Computer Lab Rules Continued
Color Copies Cost Fifty Cents Per Page and Should Be Paid to the Media Center (available in some labs)
Gum, Candy, Food, and/or Drinks Are Not Permitted
Students Should Respect All Equipment in the Computer Lab
All Computer Cables and Components Are to Remain Connected as Setup by the Technology Specialist
Students Should Not Unplug Any Electrical Cords without Teacher Permission
The Computer CPU and Keyboard Should Stay Stationary on the Table Top
No Magnetic Materials Are Allowed
No Personal Belongings Should Be Near Computers
Reference (Encyclopedias,Almanacs, etc)
MC Website and Blog
TRMS Digital Resources
Can Access Almost All of the TRMS Digital Resource through Mackin Via (Tutorial Available on Website)
All Resources Listed on TRMS Media Center Webpage
Student Research Helper Handout Available with Passwords (on metal shelf at entrance)
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