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Stereotypes, Countertypes and Archetypes

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y o

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Stereotypes, Countertypes and Archetypes

Stereotypes, Countertypes and Archetypes
Penny - The Big Bang Theory
Penny is stereotyped as a Bimbo (attractive but untillegent female) and as an extension, is presented as a 'dumb blonde'.
In contrast to the group of scientists she lives across the hall from, Penny is not well educated and dropped out from college as she aspired to become an actress. This suggests that Penny is simple minded and likes to go for the easiest things in life.
She has great social skills which is a typical trait of a woman like herself as she is outgoing, confident and approachable.
Penny isn't a great driver which is an example of a clear representation of the stereotype that 'women aren't as good drivers as men'. She is always told how to do things but most of the time she is lazy about it and can be stubborn.
Jack - Lost
Jack is the protagonist of the show and plays the key role of helping people survive on the island as he is a doctor and uses this to assist the wounded.
He has a positive archetype of being the 'leader and hero' but is hesitant to it as he believes he isn't the only person that helps out or is what pulls the group together.
The survivors on the island look up to Jack and look to him as the leader but he is reluctant to embrace the position as deep inside, he is also looking for guidance as well as being the one giving it to everyone.
Jack intentionally represses fear and anxiety to remain strong for the other survivors as he is the one they turn to.
Being a doctor also embraces his caring personality as he is always ready to sacrifice himself for others.
Michonne - The Walking Dead
Michonne is an independent and mysterious woman and doesn't need to rely on other people in the group for protection or to survive. Usually, the female character would be the one to rely on a male character, but instead Michonne is the one to protect the group, and mainly Rick (the protagonist) and his son, Carl.
She tends to work alone and quietly, but still fights for the survivors as she is strong and cares for other people.
The stereotype of Black women in the Media is usually that they are generally loud, angry and unintelligent. However, Michonne's character shows that infact that stereotype is untrue. She presents that no matter what race you are, women can be individuals and be just as strong, or stronger than men.
Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl
Blair is the protagonist of the show and is stereotyped as being the 'snobby rich girl'. She is a character who is full of herself, and likes a lot of attention.
Blair has the position of the 'Queen Bee' of Manhattan's social scene, making her the most talked about and popular girl. This is what gives Blair her confidence, and women usually like to be noticed in a positive way.
She is often talked about on a blogger site called 'Gossip Girl' which shows that she is admired and even envied by other girls, and they all want to be like her.
At times, Blair is like every other girl where she is secretly insecure about her social status, this anxiety creates flaws and complexities which suggests that she is actually a 'good girl' at heart.
Walter White - Breaking Bad
Walter is the protagonist of the show which started manufacturing crystal meth to pay for his treatments and provide for his family when he was gone.
The relationship between Walter and Jesse (his meth making partner) is almost like a father-son relationship. He is very protective of him which reflects that he is a considerate and affectionate man deep inside, even though he is in the meth business.
Walter is always a visionary, even when he was battling cancer and facing violent drug kingpins, he always thought about his family and the bigger picture in life.
Walter's 'Heisenberg' persona is increasingly blurred from who he really is. He begins embracing his crueler, more vindictive side; But he always remembered that he isn't actually a bitter or evil man.
Emily Thorne - Revenge
After Emily's fathers death, she was forced into foster care and juvenile detention. Ever since then, Emily become emotionally troubled and violent.
She is a calm yet cold person when it comes to dealing with difficult circumstances, and her vulnerable side shows through which can impede her efforts for vengeance. Her two different sides suggests uniqueness as not every woman is able to keep up with being more than one person.
She uses her charm, beauty and soft personality to manipulate the Grayson family which killed her father. They don't realise how much of a dangerous woman she is deep down, which shows the power she has against them.
She is an authorititive individual and seeks no help from anyone else, except from her beloved friend Nolan, which occasionally helps her.
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