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Yasmin Portfolio

No description

Yasmin Al Ghoul

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Yasmin Portfolio

people. Educational Qualification •Highly self-motivated, work very well within a professional environment. My CV Honor & Recognition Student certifications
from UAE University Third Rank at the level of UAE in building websites contest Distinguishing Model Teacher for 2007/2008 Participating in Gulf Educational Supplies & Solutions Exhibition in Dubai 2010 Computer
Applications Adobe Photoshop Adobe Flash Adobe InDesign Adobe Captivate Adobe Dreamweaver Microsoft Office Camtasia Studio 7 Working as a Designer in
Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research -
CEPA Department from 2010 till now Working as a Research Assistant at the UAE University
Nov 2002 - March 2003 Participating in a projection designing self-adaptive multimedia based e-learning system
Teaching ICT to students from grade 1 - 9.
Creating electronic and printed learning resources.
Providing training to teachers and students in various computer applications to utilize technology in the learning process.
Building & updating the school website.
Designing certificates, cards, movies on different occasions. Working as an ICT Teacher for 7 years 2003-2010
Creating the CEPA website, designing new banners, images & flash movies.
Designing professional presentations, applications, brochures and posters.
Designing the Student Guide (a publication distributed to all UAE G12 students)
Participating in developing & updating the Ministry website.
Participating in the ISO Team and creating designs, newsletters, posters and flash movies for different events & activities.
Designing an awareness magazine on ISO topics (health, safety, quality and environment) entitled “Youm Jadid”
Administrative & translation work My Professional Experience IELTS ICDL Certificate Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Honor Student with GPA 3.63
UAE University - January 2000 •Fluent in both Arabic and English languages.
•Quick learner, can handle responsibilities on my own and have the ability to work as a team member.

•Excellent technical
and interpersonal skills

•Excellent communication and written skills. •Ability to conduct a research, analyze and create attractive electronic and printable learning resources. •Ability to use different multimedia software such as Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe InDesign in addition to excellent skills in creating high quality presentations. •Excellent skills in Microsoft Office. My
Skills My favourite My Hobbies Reading Baking cakes
with my daughter Noor Dedicated from Abu Dhabi Educaitonal Council to participate in Microsoft's Innovative Teachers Forum - Arabia Appreciation Certificates from Educatinal Institutions for mentoring students Adobe InDesign Course Cisco Network Academy Program
Semester 1 & 2 Internetworking with Microsoft TCP/IP Administering Microsoft Windows NT 4 Certificates
& Honors Software My Skills My
Education My Hobbies
Frank Chimero For easy navigation, please click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen http://dragoncity.50webs.com Visit my websites: Creating websites and movies for kids http://clever-bee.blogspot.com/p/my-digital-objects.html
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