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First Ford Model T

ELAR Project

Kaitlyn Gossett

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of First Ford Model T

He was from a middle class family
He did not feel like he belonged on the family farm.
Very interested in simple machines.

Henry Ford 's background
He did not make the Model just for the benefit of others but for his love of mechanics.
The Model was an experiment to get the engine and and the carriage to work together
His vision was to make a gas powered car that a middle class would be able to afford.
Why the Model T
First Model T
He walked this route in half a day
This would be 20 minuets in a car
Map of Michigan
Henry's Journey
Henry walked to Detroit from Dearborn when he was
Ford and his love of moving parts
When he was younger he loved taking apart his siblings toys and putting them back together. As expected they became very irritated
By: Kaitlyn Gossett
Now and Then
Model T Prices
When the company was moving forward in the world he dropped the prices. Originality the price was $950 then moved to $500.
How prices got so low!
Ford once said "you can have any car any color, as long as its black."
Most people called the Model T the "Tin Lizzy".
Was considered the automobile that put "America on wheels".
Henry wanted to make his business more efficient so he introduced the assembly line to his business.
He was able to have less workers because the assembly line sped up production so he was making more money.
The workers were payed $2.34 for a nine hour day but when he let off the workers he could pay the workers $5.00 for a eight hour day.
The Assembly line
Henry wanted to make a more efficient company, so he introduced the automobile assembly line. This made the work easier and faster, witch helped with the mass production.
Henry's Visions
Creating a...

Gas powered

...Middle class car.
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Venn Diagram
Our cars are more curved
Our wheels are thicker
We have a gas gauge
We have a speedometer
The prices are higher
We take most cars for granted because we are used to having cars in our lives. Back in Henry's time only the upper class family had cars.
Their cars were squared
Their wheels were very thin
They didn't know how much gas was in their car
They could not tell how fast they were going
Their prices where way higher
Run on engine
Ended up mass producing
Changed the world
Model T Auctions
Many people are having auctions online. But some have Model T's passed down threw the family.
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