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We believe in Life Everylasting

No description

Chris Pabatang

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of We believe in Life Everylasting

How are we connected?
We are connected to the creation of God because we were made by him. We are part of Gods creation, we're like animals, except more intelligent then other animals. We live like animals. We have shelters, like animals. We eat food, like animals. That explains why were part of Gods creation!
The Beauty
Gods creation is very beautiful. The flowers, the water, the animals, and me. I am part of Gods creation. That makes me unique and beautiful.
Live life to the fullest, in harmony with the rest of creation.
It doesn't matter that some animals or flowers have awesome power or sacredness. It matters if we only get along. We must respect each other even though we don't have those flaws. We must live in harmony...
The Plan
To be noble knights of middle-earth we must also protect it. We must leave Gods beings as they are. Not littering also help. Killing animals for fun IS NO GOOD. That's cruel. So please, stick with the plan. You need to be like
Captain Planet!
Please remember to be stewards of the earth because its important. Its why we live. Its why we strive here. We need to take care of the Earth. So remember, to take care of the earth.
You must be a responsible person. You need to remember reuse, reduce, recycle. Its really important our world doesn't get filled with a lot of sticky poop. Although.. it already has a lot. But we can fix that!
We believe in Life Everlasting
Christopher Junior Pabatang 8-2
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