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Text Types

No description

Jacquie Ombewa

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Text Types

Text Types
Text types
The above text is from a:
a)Holiday brochure
b)Newspaper report
c)Magazine feature
Now try it for yourself...
Check your skills
Andy took Stephanie's soft, gentle hand
and gazed lovingly into her eyes.
Her head turned and her glittering
blue eyes sparkled in the lashing rain.
This was love, and she knew it.
He flashed a smile and his perfect white
teeth shone brightly in the moonlight,
and in an instant he had wrapped his
arms around her slight waist and
pulled her in for a tender kiss.
The above text is from a:
Descriptive text
Persuasive text
Instructive text
Informative text
Persuade somebody to buy this house...
Now, describe it...
Now, write a short informative piece about it...
Bolton is one of the largest towns in the United Kingdom. The town's leading educational establishment, Bolton Institute of Higher Education, was granted university status in 2004 as the University of Bolton, and now has a large one-campus facility in the heart of the town centre and an additional centre in Dubai, and by 2012 the campus will be shared by a sports and health centre/swimming pool, which in being co-funded by local council initiatives. Bolton's leading colleges are also building key sites right across the road from the university, which will open in the next twelve months. Boasting also an excellent museum, a large shopping centre and also one of the oldest public houses in the United Kingdom, it is fair to say that all the elements are in place for Bolton's next bid to become a city.
Visit the Lakes!
The Lake District features some of the nation's finest rivers and greenery. With an abundance of sights and sounds, the area is regarded as the real jewel in the crown of Britain's countryside. Whether it's visiting the local steam railways (which run journeys throughout the region several times a day), climbing the mountains or relaxing with a quiet pint in a traditional pub, you'll never be bored for even a minute. Prices start from just £99 per person per week for a traditional self-catering stone cottage, and with limited availability throughout the summer months it's worth booking now to avoid disappointment!
Product Information!
Lastly, write brief instructions as to how you might get there...
Due to an unexpected product failure, Betterworths ltd. are immediately recalling all Globetel 100 mobile phones. This is an immediate recall due to a major health and safety fault causing the telephone aerials on certain models to catch fire if exposed to direct sunlight. Please return all Globetel 100 mobile phones bought after 21/01/2011 to your nearest Betterworths outlet immediately for a refund.
The above text is from a :
a)Dating website
b)Magazine story
c)Romance novel
d)Email newsletter
The text is (choose one):
c)Tourist information leaflet
d)Corporate report
The text is (choose two):
The text is (choose two):
The above text is:
a) A product recall notice
b) A newspaper report
c) An instruction manual
d) An advertisement for a new type of mobile phone

The text is (choose two):
Gives you information about something.
Tells you what to do.
Describes things to you in detail.
Tries to convince you to do something.
Identify the text type; its audience and purpose...
Our Session Objectives
(Writing Practice using different types of texts)

• To be able to proofread at least three texts and identify errors.

• To write at least three texts to communicate information, ideas and opinions using formats and styles suitable for their purpose and audience.

• To write at least one text with some adaptation to the intended audience.

• To communicate information, ideas and opinions using effective and persuasive language (L2 and higher).

Suggest correct punctuation
Suggest any addition to content
You can use dictionary to find correct spelling (Not the Level 2 students)
Use commas and apostrophes to make it read better (higher level punctuation)
Find homophones and suggest correct words in replacement
Your task is to...
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