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Erikson's Psychosocial Stages of Development

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Beau Watts

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Erikson's Psychosocial Stages of Development

Erikson's 8 stages of Development The Fox and the Hound Trust vs. Mistrust In the movie, Tod and Copper, a fox and a hound dog, become best friends. They have to hide their friendship from Copper (the hound dogs) owner, because he is tracking Tod (the fox). They both trust each other to not get caught being together, as they know they will get in trouble. Finding Nemo Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt In the movie, Marlin has a son named Nemo who has a broken fin, and has trouble swimming. Marlin doubts that he is able to swim to school and believes he will have trouble keeping up with his class. Nemo goes to school and is challanged by his classmates to swim out into open water, his dad tells him not to and that he cant do it. He revolts and does it anyway. This displays autonomy vs. Shame and doubt because Nemo wanted to explore and test his ability while his dad doubted him. Big Daddy Initiative vs. Guilt In "Big Daddy", the little boy names himself "Frankenstein" and pretty much lives by his own rules. His foster dad lets him do whatever he wants and dresses the way he wants to. Frankenstein begins to get in trouble and is forced to follow his dads rules soon after. Industry vs. Inferiority Billy Madison In "Billy Madison" Billy is a high school dropout who has to go back to school and complete his whole 12 years over again. As a middle aged man, he looks old but acts young. He has to learn social skills and correct manners in school. Identify vs. Role confusion High School Musical In "High School Musical" Troy is an all-star basketball player, and a popular kid in school. He secretly has a passion for singing, and wants to do a duet in the school musical with his girlfriend. He doesnt want the team to know because he thinks he will be made fun of. He does it anyways because he knows that he loves music. The Notebook Intimacy vs. Isolation In the movie, Allie and Noah fall in love, but cant be together because of their families. Noah writes her 365 letters that she never recieves. They finally meet again after Allie has grown up and married another man. Allie chooses to get back with Noah because they were each others first true love. The Karate Kid Generativity vs. Stagnation In this movie, Mr. Miagi trains daniel to learn karate and how to defend himself. He also teaches him life lessons. They become very close and form a friendship that is greater than a coach and student. Daniel is his karate prodigy and wins the tournament that they are challanged too. Saving Private Ryan Integrity Vs. Despair In the movie, Private Ryan is a WWII veteran who goes to the cemetary that all his fallen soldiers are buried at. He has a flashback as he recalls D-Day and other parts of the war. He is looking back on the war as he believes he has lived a good life, and has no regrets.
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