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Neil's Guitars

(c) www.rusted-moon.com

ralf boe

on 12 May 2012

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Transcript of Neil's Guitars

Neil got an Arthur Godfrey
ukulele in 1958. His parents bought
it in Pickering. After moving to Toronto, his
father showed him some chords at Christmas.
Neil learned more, using some sheets with
cowboy songs. In Old Orchard Road, Toronto, Neil played a bariton uke with his friend Comrie Smith, who owned a guitar. it's uke time ... 1960-63 Neil's first guitars Neil got a "Harmony Monterey" just after moving to Winnipeg in late 1960. The exact model is unknown. It was a low quality acoustic archtop guitar, but had a pickup installed. Scott Young mentioned, that it was hard to keep in tune. 1961-63 In 1961, mother Rassy bought her son a pre-owned Gibson Les Paul Junior. At home, he used to plugg it into a record player. Playing with his fist bands, he plugged into an amp of a friend. 1959 1958-59 1963 The Squieres In 1963 Neil bought an orange
Gretsch 6120 in Winnipeg. Mother
Rassy gave a loan of 276 $. 1965 1966 After listening to Bob Dylan and other folk singers, Neil sold his electric Gretsch, bought an acoustic Gibson 12-string and started to play folk. End of 1965, walking down Yorkville Ave in Toronto with his new Gibson, he was recrouted for the "Mynah Birds". Neil played his 12-string on their legendary Motown-Session. 2010 1973 1982 2010 With his first money earned with Buffalo Springfield, Neil bougt a copy of his beloved orange Gretsch 6120 from singer Steve Gilette. He didn't use the pickguard. 1967-69 White Falcons Neil bought his first White Falcon in 1967. He also bought a double cut stereo and and a singel cut stereo, the 6137 model. This one became later his favorite guitar beside Old Black. Neil also owned a banjo uke. But
nothing is known about this instrument. 1968 In August 1968 Neil got a 1953 Les Paul
from Jim Messina. He gave him a Gretsch
in exchange. The Les Paul came with a Bigsby,
a P90 and a Firebird pickup. It was a gold top
but someone had painted it black - Old Black.
He first played Old Black on the "Everbody
knows this is nowhere" album. 1969 In 1969 Stephen Stills bought four Martin D-45
guitars for himself and the other three members of CSN&Y. The D-45 is the top model of Martins
D series and had been re-issued in 1968.
It became Neil's main acoustic guitar and was
used to record the successful "Harvest" album. 1966 John Craigg Eaton, member of the department store dynasty, supported the "Mynah Birds". After
the Motown session Eaton bought Neil a brand new Rickenbacker 6-string guitar. A band member remembers a blonde "mapleglo" 365 model. Neil pawned the guitar a few weeks later to get money for his trip to L.A. 1982 In 1973 Neil played a 1958 Gibson Flying V during the "Times Fades Away" Tour with the "Stray Gators".
He never was satisfied with the sound. Also in 1973 Neil used a 1951 Fender "Nocaster" to record most tracks of the "Tonight's the Night" album. A "Nocaster" is a "Broadcaster" without this name on the headstock before Fender had to change the name into "Telecaster". He played the guitar during the 1973 tour and in 1975 at SNACK Benefit with Bob Dylan. 1973 1977 In 1977 Neil bought a 1941 Martin D-28 once owned by Hank Williams. He first used this guitar" to record tracks on "Comes A Time". In the movie "Heart Of Gold" he told how he got this legendary "old guitar". 1978 Neil bought an acoustic 12-string build by a still unknown small company named 'Taylor' in 1978.
His 855 model was one of the first from this line. He later purchased a second one. Neil first used the Taylor on stage during the "Rust never Sleeps" tour. During the 'Trans" world tour
1982 Neil played an exotic
1958 Gibson Explorer. 1985 On his album 'Everbody's Rockin' Neil used a D'Angelico Archtop. This guitar is a handcrafted masterpiece by John D'Angelico built in 1938.

He already played this guitar in 1974 with CSNY. Neil played another D'Angelico Archtop with Crazy Horse in 1970. 2009 Back to the roots ...
During the Continental Tour 2009 Neil
played two Gibson 1956 Les Paul Junior.
One had a natural finish the other one was a sunburst model - just like his first real electic he played in 1961 in Winnipeg with "The Squires" Daniel Lanois gave Neil a little Guild M-20 mahagony guitar when they recorded "Le Noise" in 2010. He played several tracks on the album and used this guitar on his 2010 and 2011 solo tours. He also played the Guild with the reunited Buffalo Springfiled. December 2010 Neil joined his wifes Pegi's band "The Survivers" at a gig in New York. He played an exotic „National Studio 66“ guitar built from fiber glass by the Valco company in the early 60ies. In January 1976 Neil and Joni Mitchell performed their songs "Sugar Mountain" and "The Cicle Game" in West Lafayette, IN. As a joke they played these songs about their youth using cheap Stella student guitars. Neil played a Stella H6134 12-fret acoustic with a "simulated spruce-grained top" 1976 by www.rusted-moon.com by www.rusted-moon.com (c) Ralf Böllhoff During the Trans Tour in 1982 Neil Young played the acoustic set using a 6-string Takamine F-360S and a 12-string Takamine F-400S, which today is shown at Hard Rock Cafe in Berlin, Germany. Read all about Neil's guitars http://www.rusted-moon.com/2011/04/das-ratsel-um-neil-youngs-erste-plastik.html http://www.rusted-moon.com/2011/05/harmony-monterey-neil-youngs-erste.html http://www.rusted-moon.com/2011/06/neil-youngs-orange-periode-die-gretsch.html http://www.rusted-moon.com/2012/03/die-12-saiten-des-neil-young-back-in.html http://www.rusted-moon.com/2011/06/neil-youngs-orange-periode-die-gretsch.html http://www.rusted-moon.com/2012/02/neil-youngs-martin-d-45-die-harvest.html http://www.rusted-moon.com/2011/08/kinderspiel-neil-young-joni-mitchell.html http://www.rusted-moon.com/2012/03/die-12-saiten-des-neil-young-back-in.html http://www.rusted-moon.com/2012/03/die-12-saiten-des-neil-young-back-in.html http://www.rusted-moon.com/2010/09/neils-neue-kleine-braune.html http://www.rusted-moon.com/2010/12/studio-66-neil-youngs-neuester.html http://www.rusted-moon.com
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