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Michael Kors

No description

Patrick O'Toole

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Michael Kors

Team 3
Justin Lau
Patrick O'Toole
Courtney Jacobs
Jacob Amick

Luxury Fashion Industry Profile
Key Success Factors (KSFs)
Distribution Channels
Est. Name Brand
Responsiveness to Consumer Demands
Product Quality
Price Attractiveness
Product Differentiation
Luxury Fashion Industry Profile
"Aspirational Luxury"
Luxury Fashion Industry Profile
Luxury Goods Trend Report
Personal Luxury Goods Market Growth by Country
Broad Differentiation
Product offerings from $20 to $6000
Michael Kors (the person) and his design team
Continuous innovation and "Ready-to-wear" factor
Sales and marketing (focus on social media)
Multi-channel distribution strategy
Intangible features
Focus on keeping prestigious and trendy image in tact.
In terms of international growth, focus on high growth regions for luxury fashion including China, Japan, UK and Middle East.
Place new emphasis on growing their product offerings for men.
Capitalize on diluted image of Coach and continue to steal market share of handbag sales.
Michael Kors has consistently exceeded analysts' forecasts since IPO in 2011.
Comparable store sales continue to increase quarter to quarter.
Have become the standout competitor in the "affordable luxury" category and a known brand worldwide.
Price at IPO = $24.10
Price today = $81.70 and growing
Buy This Stock!
Michael Kors
From luxury sportswear house in 1981 to competing globally

HQ is in New York City, but are based out of Hong Kong.

Offering men and women's clothing, footwear and accessories- 79% of 2012 sales

Retail, wholesale, and licensing.

, Wholesaling and

Retailing, Wholesaling, and Licensing
Carry MK products relative to location
304 stores in U.S. Europe, Japan and others
Department and specialty stores
2,215 stores in U.S. and 1,034 internationally
Marchon , Fossil, and Estee Lauder
Helps extend global reach
Five Forces Analysis
Drivers of Change
Economic Factors
Rely on the profitability of buyers
Changing Consumers/Lifestyles
Status - Experience - Personality
Foreign Economic Growth & Industrialization
Social Media
Perceived Quality - Defects
New Markets
Financial trends
Net income growth was 84.7% in 2011, and 103.2% in 2012
COGs: Reduction from 44.47% in 2011 to 42.17% in 2012, change of 2.3%
Revenue growth. 58.1% in 2011 and 62.1% in 2012
Stock at IPO $24 stock today $80
Michael Kors
According to Marilyn Alva of Investor Business Daily, " Michael Kors is one of the fastest growing names in the luxury market, far outpacing the growth rates of Coach and Ralph Lauren"
MK Locations
has allowed
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