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No description

Kamy S

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Fairness

Ways to show fairness

-Don't favor anyone
-Follow the rules
-Give everyone a chance
-Take turns
When you are playing a game
like soccer you have to make the teams even. You can't have a team of 3 vs a team of 5. The team of 3 doesn't have the amount of people they need.
Fairness video
Here are some quotes
By: 6D Leong
remember to be fair
Fairness means:
Everyone gets what they need to succeed.
How To Be Fair
In The Video
When the two monsters were fighting for the car, they later showed fairness by taking turn and waiting for each other to go. So in the end they both got the time they wanted with the toy car.

M.C: Dora, Erin, Kamyar

Tech team: Dora,Kamyar,Ryan.Kim,
Daniel.C, Danny, Michelle, Johnny

Art producers: Dorry, Michelle

skript creators:Kamyar,Erin,Dora MIchelle

Actors:Erin,Kamyar Dora and Dorry

Usher: Dorry

Mr.Carlin, Jasper and Ms.Leong's class

Fairness is the character trait for February.
Here is a play based on fairness.
Please be respectful and listen quietly and attentively.
Please welcome Mr.Carlin and Jasper presenting the award for Perseverance
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