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My Prezi about Climate These are the notes from my Climate Practice Test

Annie Lee

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Climate

CLIMATE Ocean Water Cycle
Atmosphere Carbon Cycle Exosphere- Outer
Thermosphere- Temp.
Mesosphere- middle
stratosphere- layers
Troposphere- mix Nitrogen- 78%
Oxygen- 21%
Other gases- 1% bad if the levels change
good if the levels stay
the same Greenhouse Gases
- Co2
- methane plants need water
animals mostly need water (fresh water)
water is a good
greenhouse gas ocean acidification
from co2 The sun causes evaporation and then it goes through condensation. THen it goes through precipitation and falls to the Earth. Then goes into a runoff to the ground water and then ground water leads to the ocean. once the water gets to the ocean it goes through the cycle again.
shellfish killed
coral feefs die
plankton die Carbon is released from volcanic
eruptions and then the animals
breathe the carbon then the co2
they breathe out, the trees breathe
in. then co2 goes into the ocean too
and then the co2 goes back to the
volcano the ozone layer is a thin layer
on air protecting the Earth from
the sun's ultraviolet rays in october the ozone
hole is the biggest ultraviolet rays come
through the holes in
the ozone *they can
cause skin cancer cans of aerosol, refrigerators, and air conditioners leak CFCs (chloroflourocarbons) into the ozone. CFCs destroy the ozone. the ozone layer is in
the stratosphere ocean acidification is when
oceans are being overloaded
with carbon dioxide. the oceans are unable
to process all the co2
that is being tranferred
into it. the acidity of the co2
is killing the shellfish
and coral reefs and
severely disrupting the
balance of marine life
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