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Publicity Platform

Delta Sigma Pi- Candidate for VP Marketing

Elizabeth Lee

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Publicity Platform

Elizabeth Lee
Candidate for VP Marketing My Vision Utilize all channels of publicity to implement a DSP brand that accurately reflects the values we uphold and to gain a competitive advantage through innovation
Marketing Board VP Student Relations (2) VP Marketing VP University Relations VP Public Relations (2) Oversees all positions
Flyer Design
Faculty Initiates
Facebook Events
DSP Wanted List Dorm Storming
Bike Flyering
Marshall Offices
Econ/IRGB Offices
Other Student Organizations

Facilitiate Tabling Schedule
Facilitate Classroom Announcements
Posters on Trousedale
Aisle in Marshall Lobby
Breezeway Board
Jennifer Alderete Emails
My USC Website

SVP VPPAs VP Marketing Brothers of Phi Actions Speak Louder Than Words Banquet Books
Spring 2009 Senior Validations
Spring 2009 Rush Posters
Fall 2009 Rush Video
Fall 2009 Business of Sports
Marketing Video
Fall 2009
Beer Pong Table
Given to Fall 2008 VPPA
Fernando Campos
Made in Spring 2009 Marching Towards Innovation NEW IDEAS Reaching out to Social Fraternities & Sororities Feedback Forms Brochures of Alumni Panelists Marketing to other Student Organizations TAKING WHAT WORKS AND MAKING IT BETTER Flyer Designs Faculty Initiates & Professors DSP Wanted List Websites for Every Event Effective Use of Videos Reaching out to Econ & IRGB Majors
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