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Safeguarding Quiz

Funny safeguarding quiz to enable us to think more widely about the needs of a young person from SUMT

Alex Brown

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Safeguarding Quiz

How do we view children,
young people and adults?
As sinful human units to be harvested in order to fill our churches for the future, hopefully joining our important committees or the worship team.
b) Wonderful and important, reflecting God's image, in our care, & needing to be valued and respected
The nice ones can come to church, the naughty, or smelly ones need to change first, but might make the cut one day.
As OTB volunteers, children will trust us, and even seek us out outside of the school environment. Give three guidelines for best practice.
What should you do if a child or young person asks you to keep a secret?
Say yes, taking with you a baby monitor, or walkie-talkie set up to YouTube live streaming for your own safety.
b) Say maybe, giggle nervously, and then put out your pinkie-promise finger to be age-culturally relevant.
Say you can't keep secrets that are serious, especially if they involves people getting hurt.
If you suspect abuse, what should your actions be?
You find yourself left alone in a room with a young person or a child. What should you do?
get a quick selfie with them to post on your FB, twitter, instagram, YouTube and blog pages. Although no one really engages with blogs that much, so you may avoid this one.
b) scream, realising that you are in mortal danger, before pushing the young person out of the way and pressing yourself against the nearest window in tears of penitence.
move to the doorway and remove yourself from the situation.
What do you think are the rules on social media and ongoing contact?
1. Do not panic - be sympathetic.
7. Write up a detailed, impartial account of what took place.
6. Immediately tell a staff member, and if they are not acting correctly, call your churches safeguarding officer.
5. Stay with the young person until they are reassured and comforted.
4. Do not promise confidentiality.
3. Reassure the young person that it was right to tell you, and you are taking their concerns seriously.
2. Listen carefully. Only ask questions to clarify what you hear, do not ask questions that seek information. Do not start to investigate.
what 2 du
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