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The Bible

Gospel Meeting on 13th April

Caleb Lau Kah Loke

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of The Bible

BIBLE The best gift God has ever given to man Book of Books The word ‘Bible’ originates from Greek, biblos, meaning ‘the book’.

Bible is ‘the’ unique Book of all the books in the world. QUOTES

The sixteenth President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln, once said that “the Bible is the best gift God has ever given to man. All the good from the Savior of the world is communicated to us through this book.”

U.S. General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964) said, ‘Sir, Please believe me that I must read the Bible before I go to bed even in the most exhausted time. There is no exception.’ THE BIBLE IS NOT... Bible is not only a book of literature. Psalms 23 (read a verse)
It is not only a book of history. There are also stories in the Bible about Noah's ark, King Solomon, Jericho... Bible is not only a book of science.
Genesis (How to Earth was made)
It is not only a book about moral ethics.
-10 commandments. Bible is not only a Doomsday Book/Doomsday Book
It is very easy for people to think of the Bible as a doomsday book when they read Revelations. The last book of the Bible. No wonder this is called the ‘Book of books’.
French Writer Victor Hugo once said, ‘In England, there are two books, Bible and Shakespeare. England created Shakespeare, but Bible created England.’ The translation of Bible
-Bible has been translated into 2355 kinds of languages and is the most popularly read book in the world.
-Many people have found comfort and guidance in their time of affliction and confusion.
-Also, many people find treasures in the Bible everyday and appreciate the mysteries revealed by God.
-‘Bible is a romance written by God to man’ as seen in John 3:16. which whispers to us how He is, His heart’s delight, His will, His work and all what He will accomplish in the Universe. Amazing Sale (quantity of its distribution)

-From 1815 to 1975, total of 2.5 billions of copies of the Bible were sold.
-From 1975 to 2000, total of 1.5 billions of copies of the Bible were sold.
-Currently, the average annual sale for the Bible is 60 millions of copies.
-In China alone, 30 millions of copies of the Bible were published in 2002 and not enough.
-Every year, the Bible is listed as the most popular book.

Here we would like to recommend the Recovery Version of Bible, the most accurate in translation and with outlines and footnotes. The Bible reveals the origin of... THE UNIVERSE
Bible has mentioned about a Mighty, Eternal Creator who made the universe including heaven, earth and all creation out of nothing.

Even before men discovered the earth was round, the Bible says the earth was a big circle (Isaiah 40:22 2700 years ago) and hangs upon nothing (Job 26:7, 4000 years ago).

~ Although the recordings in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, are not a scientific document, it is fully matched with the scientific evidences (findings). MAN
-According to the modern genetic science and physiological studies, man is a very wonderful and complicated creation. Hence, there must be an omnipotent one behind the scene.
-(Therefore) Every sensible being must be from a higher creator who created it. There can't be something from nothing.
-Bible briefly and clearly mentions the origin of man: Man was created by God according to His image. (Gen.1:26-27) Revelation of a real God Before Christ era, most cultures were polytheistic on the earth.

Majority of western gods were described as cruel, bloody, fearsome and even lustful.

Chinese gods were men eventually worshipped as gods after their death.

Bible has revealed there is a unique real God who is infinite. He would take care of men like Father and husband. He is the real manifestation of love, honour, justice and compassion.

This is strongly opposite to the ancient gods. Men worship those gods out of their fear not because of the respect nor of love. The prophesy of the future of mankind Out of all the prophecies, 96.2% of them have been fully fulfilled. The rest of 3.8% is being fulfilled.
There are many categories of prophecies and they are wide-ranged: to the Jewish people, to 20 more nations including Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Syria, Greece and Romans etc.

But the most important one is the prophecy to Jesus Christ.
Bible mainly reveals Christ, who gives men wisdom of salvation.Bible prophesies the future of mankind. The Bible The Bible consists of... Completion of Bible - Time The Old Testament The New Testament 39 Books 27 Books Old Testament: 1440 B.C. to 400 B.C.
New Testament: 37 A.D. to 96 A.D.
Total completion period: 1500 years
Acknowledgement and confirmation of Old and New Testaments: 397 A.D. Here are the books MAIN POINTS The subjects of the Bible

God and His Plan – ‘Economy of God’
Man’s origin and destiny
Christ – Executor of God plan, accomplishing redemption, carrying out salvation
God is willing to dispense His divine life to man.
Church and God’s kingdom
Prophecy on the nations of this world
New Heaven and Earth in eternity, the ultimate mingling of God and man. The Origin of the Bible

A. The Bible being God-breathed. – 2 Tim 3:16
B. The Bible being the speaking from God by men borne by the Holy Spirit. – 2 Peter 1:20~21
C. The Bible being God’s speaking in the prophets and in the Son. – Heb 1:1~2
D. The Bible being the Holy Spirit’s revelation. – John 16:13 The essence of Bible

The word of God being God-breathed. – II Tim 3:16
The word of God being spiritual milk. – I Peter 2:2
The word of God being food of life. – Matthew 4:4
The word of God being spirit, the life. – John 6:63
The word of God being God Himself. – John 1:1 The functions of the Bible

1. Testifying concerning the Lord Jesus. -John 5:39
2. Making men wise unto salvation. – 2 Tim 3:15
3. Causing men to be regenerated. – 2 Peter 1:23
4. Being the believers’ spiritual milk. – 1 Peter 2:2
5. Being the believers’ bread of life. – Mat 4:4
6. Making the believers complete. – 2 Tim 3:16~17 greatest gift God's God Bless You -Abraham Lincoln ONLY
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