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For Warzaw: The Europeana Awareness project by Wikimedia Sverige

No description

John Andersson

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of For Warzaw: The Europeana Awareness project by Wikimedia Sverige

Wikimedia and Europeana working together
GLAM staff
and experts

Wikipedians and Wikimedians
Four types of volunteers:

General public
Pilot in Stockholm in 2012: The added images are viewed around 300,000-400,000 (!) times per month
A series of events in 7 countries on the 29th of June 2013, with a Europeana Challenge to use as many Europeana pictures as possible
A first in a series of edit-a-thons with Europeana Fashion
47 people participated – a majority women
62 images used in 84 articles
in Stockholm
in Poland
Collection Days
Nine new articles created plus 15 existing expanded in five different languages. Nine of the 26 uploaded images were used.
in Sweden, UK, Greece, Serbia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Australia
A great way to get GLAM material used on Wikipedia
An international photo contest in May 2013 in Austria, Israel, Finland, Spain and Sweden
9,000 images uploaded during the contest by 225 participants
"We're doing the same thing, for the same reason, for the same people, in the same medium. Let's do it together."
– Liam Wyatt, former Wikipedian in Residence at the British Museum
Digikult Conference
in Gothenburg
Cultural heritage conference + hackathon for
100 participants mostly from GLAMs

Three accepted presentations about our cooperation:

Working with hundreds of GLAMs at once – a Wikimedia-Europeana cooperation
Wiki Loves Public Art – The next big thing?
Open Database of Public Art in Sweden
GLAM-Wiki 2013 hackathon
in London
where programmers meet to develop new tools and improvements
People invited to help develop GLAMwiki tools
Wikimedia Hackathon Netherlands 2013
in Amsterdam
Fixed a bug for an upload tool for images from Europeana
- now easier
to get Europeana's material to Wikimedia Commons
GLAM-WIKI 2013 Conference
in London
International conference bringing together Wikimedia
and GLAMs
Image 1: Affisch skrivstuga WWI.jpg. Photo by: Laura Tuononen. CC-BY-SA.

Image 2: WWI edit-a-thon in Sweden 2013. Photo by: John Andsersson. CsC-BY-SA.

Image 3: Editing Wikipedia articles (8579423695).jpg. Photo by: Erwin Verbruggen. CC-BY-SA.

Image 4: Europeana Fashion Editathon 2013 11.jpg. Photo bsy: Artild Vågen. CC-BY-SA.

Image 5: Tadeusz Mazowiecki - Europeana - Viewing Exhibition.jpg. Photo by: Neil Bates. CC-BY-SA.

Image 6: Geer Oskam (Europeana) at the GLAM WIKI UK 2013 Conference - Flickr - Sebastiaan ter Burg.jpg. Photo by: Sebastiaan ter Burg. CC-BY-SA.

Image 7: Digikult hackathon.jpeg. Photo by: André Costa. CC-BY-SA.

Image 8: Maarten Zeinstra, Maarten Brinkerink and Maarten Dammers at the GLAM WIKI UK 2013 - Flickr - Sebastiaan ter Burg.jpg. Photo by: Sebastiaan ter Burg. CC-BY-SA.

Image 9: Wikimedia Hackathon 2013 - Day 3 - Flickr - Sebastiaan ter Burg (34).jpg. Photo by: Sebastiaan ter Burgz. CC-BY-SA.

Image 10: Wikilovespublicart 4.svg. Photo by: AlphaZeta. CC-BY-SA.

Image 11: Ricardo Bofill (Ricard Bofill Leví), Les quatre barres de la senyera catalana 8 DSC09517.jpg. Photo by: Coldcreation. CC-BY-SA.

Image 12: Aino patsas Lahden Kartanopuisto.jpg. Photo by: Kartanofoto. CC-BY-SA.

Be sure to tell the GLAM about the result!
First prize. Les quatre barres de la senyera catalana by Ricardo Bofill in Barcelona, Catalonia. Photo: Coldcreation. CC-BY-SA.
Second place. Aino Fountain by artist Emil Wikström in Lahti, Finland. Photo: Kartanofoto. CC-BY-SA.
Third place. Sculpture by artist Yaacov Agam in Jerusalem, Israel. Photo: Gila Brand. CC-BY-SA.
Open Database of Public Art
WLPA tools
and Washington
What's next?
Presentation at the Diversity Conference
Fashion edit-a-thon(s) no. 2
GLAM-camp on a ferry?
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