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Search Engine Global Business

No description

Mica Fortun

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Search Engine Global Business

Search Engine Global Business
International Management
Compare and contrast the top five search engines in global business.
Question 1
Within today's changing global business, what do you see happening in the next five years regarding search engines' growth and country-specific issues?
Question 2
Question 1........................
Question 2........................
Question 3........................

Started in 1998
Provides in-depth result
Diversified product lines & services
Highly dependent on advertising
Constant need to tweak the layout and results

Source: (Google 2014)
- Introduced in 2000
- Adapted to the research of Chinese words
- English site for developers (TechCrunch 2013).
- Recently introduced in Brazil (TECHINASIA 2014).

- Launched in 2009
- Microsoft/Yahoo alliance

- Microsoft’s attempt to challenge Google
- All in one
Source: (YAHOO 2014).
Source: (Search Engine Watch 2013).
Source: (Ask 2013)
More business going global

Competitive market for search engines e.g google and yahoo

More countries having their own search

Misuse and manipulation of search

Positive impact on countries

Negative impact on countries

Question 3
Search engines carry national identities and cultures. Compare major search engines from each continent on the basis of their local characteristics and national identities.

• Four primary colors broken by a secondary one- Google is not bound by boundaries
• Targeted International advertising
• No sign of a specific national culture- universal

• Local ads only
• Meaning of ‘Ananzi’
• Logo colors
• Colors on the search page
(Ananzi 2014)

• Red ‘S’ logo
• Language
• Local ads only
• A dog beside search box-
Importance of dogs in Czech (“Dogs- Czech’s” 2008)
• Information for tourists

• Persistent search for the ideal
• Paw mark- search symbol
(“Chinese Equivalent” 2009)
• Red color-joy and good fortune
(“Color Red” 2012)
• Language
• Abides by Chinese censorship
• International advertising (Baidu 2010)

• Blue color
• Wombat- Native animal- Culture of nature preservation
• Targeted international advertsing

Case Study: Search Engines in Global Business

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