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Volcano Similes

No description

Jenna Lassiter

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Volcano Similes

Volcano Similes
by Shepards "Volcanoes are as beautiful as fireworks" "The plates are like a giant jigsaw puzzle." "Magma breaks through by rising through cracks like chimney flues." "Some lava flows as quickly as cars in city traffic." "Lava look like sparks or
firey blobs" Cristian says, "A volcano is red as a chimmney" Luis says, "Volcanoes are cool as racecars." Kynagia says, "earring are as beautiful as volcanoes." manuel says, "Lava look like fireworks." Isaish says, "Lava sparks like fire." Hannah says, "Lava is hot as fire." Keyniya says, "lava runs likes a
waterfall out of a volcanoes." Keynaria says, "Hot steam is like lots and lots of smoke." Alex says, "a volcano smokes like a chimney." Maggie says, "Lava is slow as city traffic." Joseph says, "Volcanoes are sometimes as slow as slugs." Ervin say, "lava is as beautiful as fiowers." Samantha says, "Volconoes are as hot as coffee." Shamara says, "Lava streams down as quickly as cars." alan say, "an eruption is strong like a blast."
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