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What is a Memoir?

Short intro to memoir writing for 5th grade language arts.

Jeremy Thompson

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of What is a Memoir?

Writing a Memoir A memoir is writing that discusses an important point in your life. Memoirs do not simply chronicle events, they explain the deeper meaning of those events to you and discuss how they impacted/changed your life in some way. A memoir really is an opportunity to reflect -- to look inside yourself and to say, "It’s not just all these external things that have happened to me. It’s really, how has something changed me? Why am I the person I am today? What were the big turning points in my life? What has caused me to have the outlook I have?" (Sandra Bonett) Brainstorm Plan Draft Revise Final Draft Memoirs usually focus on a relationship between the author and a special person, place, or thing. Here's an example of a memoir which focuses on a special place that was significant in the author's life Take a
few minutes to
think of people,
places,or things that changed or impacted
your life in some way and jot them
down. Still can't think of an idea? Choose a memory from your
brainstorming list and map
it out by adding more and
more specific layers of
detail. Draft and revise and draft again until you have it right. First Then. . . Next. . . To write your Finally. . . Put it all together for your. . .
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