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Alice Padoan

on 13 January 2014

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Around the Arsenal.
The Venetian Arsenal was a complex of state-owned shipyards and Armories clustered together in Venice in northern Italy. Now it is used instead, for artistic exhibitions, in particular the Biennial.
The trip started with the high water..
The Arsenal
Welcome to "Giardini della Biennale".
Here we find artworks divided into several halls of artists from around the world.
This is the Russian pavilion. it is divided into two entrances, one dedicated to women only, and the other for everyone. In the entrance for the women umbrellas were distributed because there was a fall of coins
This is the pavilion of the United States
This is the pavilon of the Israel.
This is the Korean Pavilion.
In this area, they made us take off our shoes before entering a room where there was a play of light refraction, which created a colorful environment with all the colors of the rainbow. In this part was represented lifeand joy. we were then brought into a dark room that represented death, so a lot scarier.
This is the French pavilion.

This work looks a lot like a waterfall that drops from the ceiling.
In this particular room are gathered different kinds of spices that create a rainbow.
The reflection in the water of Venice is really impressive
This was the only way to walk to the narrow streets of Venice
It was a rainy day..
But finally
we arrived at the Biennale

we had also a tea with milk in britains pavilion!:)
When we returned it was evening and the landscape was fantastic.
Venetian's station was full of people and at 18 ca. we took the train to return.

this is the Oland pavillon. It's very strange and it has an abstract meaning.
On the train we were separate in various wagons because there were lots of people. While we were returning we chatted to spend the time. Finally, in Treviso, seats released and we were able to sit.
This is the Portugal pavillon. It's outside of Giardini, in a little ship berth. Here you can see a fantastic landscape.
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