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S4-H Summer Inbound Programs

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Transcript of S4-H Summer Inbound Programs

Support from State Coordinators

-State Coordinators
recruit, screen and match
host families with delegates

Host Family Screening
involves criminal background checks, and in-home interview, and at least 2 references

-They submit required paperwork

-They plan
and mid-term (optional) events

-They are
available 24/7
for the duration of the exchange to answer questions and offer advice
States' 4-H International Exchange Programs (S4-H)
States’ 4-H International Exchange Programs (S4-H) is a non-profit organization which works with 4-H youth in the USA and international partners around the world to conduct cultural immersion and exchange programs.

Since 1972, our exchanges have impacted nearly 50,000 youth and their families in 24 countries on 6 continents.

S4-H’s mission is to enhance world understanding and global citizenship, which we believe can be achieved through living with a local host family.

“A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles”
-Tim Cahill

States’ 4-H International

Here's an example: Ben Kahoe, and 11 year old Host Sibling from Alaska wrote:

“We practiced goat showmanship. Hibiki was very good at it. Hibiki had his own goat to show at the Fair. He worked very hard learning about his goat…

Hibiki and I were very busy with competitions. Hibiki and his goat competed in the Pack Goat competition. He led Percy, the goat, through an obstacle course and answered questions about his goat. He won Reserve Grand Champion, and we were all very proud of him.”
Everyone has a Unique Experience!
Host Families and siblings will:
-Rediscover their own family, community, and lifestyle through new eyes and from a fresh perspective
-Learn about themselves as part of the hosting process
-Have the chance to build lasting friendships with youth from another country
-Have different and distinct experiences
Delegates will:
-Have unique opportunities to understand typical family life
-Gain broader perspectives, respect for other cultures and better understanding of self
-Have the chance to build lasting friendships with an American family
-Have different and distinct experiences
Inbound Program Details
Hosting period:
Four weeks beginning in the end of July (dates State Specific)

Age of delegates:
12-16 (most delegates are 12-14) or adult chaperones
Number of Delegates:
one per family

no special activities need to be planned, delegates want to learn about daily life in the USA

delegate must have own bed
delegates have their own
Type of home:
safe and clean home (not necessarily fancy)

Host Family Makeup:
child within 2 years of age and same gender as host sibling; families without children of the appropriate age may host an adult chaperone.
Host Families:

Provide a safe, supportive, and loving environment

Provide lodging and meals (eating out or at home)

Supervise delegates and follow program safety rules

Participate in orientation and invite friends/neighbors to participate.

At the end of the program, a West Virginia host brother posted an Instagram photo of himself and his Japanese brother. His comment said:

“Saying good bye to this dude was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. It’s been a great month with [delegate] and I hope we will meet again someday. I’m glad to call him family.”

How does the Inbound Program work?

Japanese youth stay with American host families for four weeks.

Host families have the opportunity to form a lasting friendship with a young person from Japan (or other countries)

Japanese youth are paired with host siblings of the same gender and similar age

Hosting 4-H Youth in the United States

You can experience the richness of the world without leaving your home

Why Not Host a Delegate this year?
*Deadline to Apply* Consult your State Coordinator Our website: http://www.states4hexchange.org
Why Participate: The Big Picture
“I think this is the best chance for 4-Her[s] to learn about other cultures, life, [and] language.”
- States’ 4-H International Participant

“Global competencies are not a luxury for a select few, but rather, are essential skills for all individuals.”

- U.S. Department of Education’s International Strategy 2012–16

Global education programs, like the cultural exchange and immersion programs
offered by States’ 4-H International, are an integral part of citizenship.
To succeed in the 21st Century workplace, students must develop “knowledge and understanding of other countries, cultures, languages and perspectives.”
- U.S. Department of Education’s International Strategy 2012-16

“It is no longer enough to teach American students only reading, writing, mathematics, and science skills, rather, students must also have the ‘skills and disposition to engage globally.’”
-The Alliance, 2012

The U.S. Department of Education’s International Strategy
for 2012-16 is designed to advance two goals:
1. Strengthen U.S. education
2. Advance U.S. international priorities
4-H National Headquarters’
Mission Mandates focus on science, healthy living, and citizenship and leadership.

S4-H has successfully advanced these strategies for over 40 years.
Inbound Programs
Hosting 4-H youth in the United States

You can experience the richness of the world
without leaving your home
Citizenship and Leadership
Why Participate?
What is S4-H?
The Big Picture
Apply to Host!
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