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The Papa Dem

No description

Ismael Rosado, Jr.

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of The Papa Dem

The Cruzaricans - A Tale of Two Islands
The Lopez Family
Angel Prado Lopez
Bienvenida Velazquez
Angel and Iris Lopez
at their home in Williams
6 Generations of the Gonzalez Rivera Family
The Lopez Residence
My grandfather in his uniform when he was in the Korean War.
He met her and wed her upon his return to St. Croix.
He received a purple heart for his injuries in the line of duty.
A typical parade day in the front of Velz Restaurant in the mid 90s
My uncle Roberto and David Velazquez on the left (aunt Lucy in the back)
Ernesto Lopez
Captain of the Kazak
A Scooner between St. Thomas and Viequez even Massachusetts
Maria Lopez Prado
Angel's Mother
Don Juan Larån Lopez
Angel's Father
Captain of the "Resolution"
Monseratte Gonzales de Rivera and Andrea Rodriguez de Gonzales
Parents of Bienvenida 'Negra' Lopez
Carlos Velazquez &
Genoveva Rivera Gonzalez
Evangelical Christians started Iglesia de Dios in Machuchal
Just 8 years after my grandmother arrived on island on the Isabel II whose captain at the time was her fathers first cousin (primo hermano).
Married on October 24, 1958
They were both from Vieques but Andreas' husband was Roque Gonzales who was a deserter at the end of the Spanish-American War. He was a blonde blue eyed Spaniard originally from the Canary Islands.
C. (2012). La Borinqueña - Himno de Puerto Rico. Retrieved April 18, 2016, from



Estate Williams and
Prosperity were among
the most heavily
populated villages of
Puertoricans on island.
My aunt Lucy Velazquez
First Queen of the Festival
Not honored but she rode in the
back of a white Cadillac
in the first Three Kings Day
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