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Integrated Management System

Integrated system for managing product development, sales, and marketing

tracy flynn

on 1 May 2009

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Transcript of Integrated Management System

Integrated Management System start with a definition of the market
list key customer with relavant information such as
annual revenues, number of sites, headquarters, etc.,
identify product lines and product programs
develop roadmaps for each product with key milestones Product Concept
Business Plan
Discontinuation MARKETING SALES PRODUCT MANAGEMENT managing the funnel thru phases
(many companies use different terms for these phases)
track probability and size of
each opportunity define the message for each targeted buyer for the product line and product program
use business impact modeling to determine and communicate ROI for the customer plan colateral and events (including public relations)
work with industry influencers (consultants, industry organizations) concept phase business plan development introduction deployment standard proposals
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