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How Far How Near

No description

Michelle Sachtler

on 15 November 2014

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Transcript of How Far How Near

How Far How Near
Case Study 1
Moderne Kunst Oud & Nieuw

Haitiaanse schilderkunst

Egyptische wandkleden
Case Study 2

Black Emancipation

Poverty Porn
Case Study 3


W.F. Hermans
Case Study 4
Macht en Moderne Kunst
Case Studies
Robert St. Brice
Gessner Abelard
Paul Klee
Tapa (Nieuw Guinea)
Aly Rawhia
Mahmoud Garya
Ernst Haas
William Irwin
Andy Warhol
Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita
Fre Cohen
Carel Blazer
Marilyn Silverstone
Frederik Lemaire
Ed van der Elsken
Marlene Dumas
Jef Diederen
Willem Diepraam
recente aanwinsten
Abdoulaye Konate
Robert Mapplethorpe
W.F. Hermans
Pieter Boersma
Ad van Denderen
Peter Martens
Eddy Posthuma de Boer
Marc Riboud
Tito Zungu
Willem Sandberg design
Godfried Donkor
David Goldblatt
Roger Ballen
Mordechai Ardon
Moshe Tamir
J.F.E. ten Klooster
Mthethwa Zwelethu
Dorothy Amenuke
Roger Andre Bissiere
Billie Zangewa
Ad van Denderen
Tapa (Cook Islands)
Vincent Vulsma
Gillion Grantsaan
Iris Kensmil
Karel Appel
Dorothy Amenuke
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