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Polar Lands Biome

No description

harrison shelton

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Polar Lands Biome

Polar Lands Biome
By Harrison, Joseph & Chloe
The climate for a Polar Land Biome is below freezing almost all year round.
The location of the polar lands are the north and south pole, and Greenland.
Polar bear
Arctic fox
Arctic hare
Few animals live on the ice. There are some different types of birds and polar bears, but that's basically it. Even the polar bears spend a lot of time out on the floating ice or in the water. Seals, whales and other marine mammals are there (the bears eat the seals), and of course there are a lot of fish. Penguins are common in Antarctica.
Vascular plant
Red algae
Pasque flower
There are limited types of flora in the polar lands biome because of the cold climate all year round
Threats to Polar Lands
Climate Changes -
if the climate changed to hot the land would melt and the animals will die because they haven't adapted to hot climates. The climate has changed 0.8 degrees since the late 19nth century.
Oil and Gas Developments
Airborne Pollutions
Global Warming
Thanks for watching
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