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Jose Rizal: His Travels Abroad

No description

Christopher Dimaapi

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Jose Rizal: His Travels Abroad

Jose Rizal: His Travels Abroad
Impressions and Memories

On Aden - the Desert - Suez - the Canal
A Stroll through Paris
"I am now at Paris - Hotel de Paris, 37 Rue Maubeuge - since the morning of the 17th, Sunday.. I passed through Avila, Villadolid, crossing all of Old Castile, San Sebastian, Yrun. Until this last place I traveled in Spain. We passed through Bourdeaux, Poitiers, Tours, Blois, Orleans until Paris."
The Louvre Museum
The Louvre is perhaps the most important edifice of Paris. It stands on the bank of Seine, its exterior is quite severe, somber, and august. Part of it was burnt down by the Commune.
On Port Said - Napoli - Marseille Sightseeing - Barcelona
The town is composed of numerous hillocks and rocks, all bare and arid, without even a plant, on which stand some lonely and gloomy houses.

The Canal is 85km long and probably 80 varas wide. It is not straight throughout its length; it has curves but small ones.
Port Said partakes much of Africa and Europe; commercial, gay, and quite beautiful, but on the other hand, dirty and corrupt.
Napoli, a gigantic city which lays asleep beside Vesuvius, a volcano that seems to be guarding this wonderful city.
"I found this city poor and vulgar, Its streets were dirty, its houses poor in architecture."
Tour of Paris
Hotel Dieu
Museum of Orfila
Luxembourg Garden
Hotel des Invalides
Some Monuments in Paris
Palace of Versailles
Impressions of Tokyo
"The Japanese occupy the greater portion of the city in low-odd-looking houses, very clean,with paper walls.. they make no noise.."
"it has million inhabitants. This is more imposing because of its somber edifices, of wide streets, and Cyclopean walls."
"Madrid is one of the gayest cities of the world which combines the spirit of Europe and the East.. the true Madrilenean is gradually disappearing,, the climate of Madrid is horrible.."
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