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Fancy White Trash

Emily Swackhamer

Amy Doerfler

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Fancy White Trash

By Marjetta Geerling
Ilustrated by Michael Crumptom Fancy White Trash Jackson Jenning Abby Savage I am Abby Savage and my biggest fear is turning out to be like the rest of my family. Being different from the other Savage girls has become my main priority. I am also a soap opera addict and after watching my sisters and mom get tangled up with this guitar player, named Steve. I've realized I don't want the same kind of love the they have found for themselves. I want the kind of love I see in all of my soaps. Therefore, I took notes and paid extra attention to the love scenes and put together a list of five rules to follow. I call this list my One True Love Plan. I've already had my heart broken once before but I hope my rules help me keep it unbroken. But I'm not worried I will find him sooner or later especially with my best friend Cody helping me. I am Jackson Jenning, I wish I knew what to do to make Abby forget about her stupid love rules. I'm crazy about her. I broke her heart before but it was a long time ago.. After I graduated I went on a trip to Central America. I bulit houses for the poor and my eyes were opened up to a lot of sad things nobody cares about over here in America. Nothing like what is shown on the commercials. I believe I came home a better person. I've also decided I'm not going back to college next fall, I'm going to help make the world a better place. But Now that I'm home the on;y thing I want more is for Abby to give me a second chance. Marjetta Geerling Marjetta Geerling was raised by her mother and lived in a town in southern California called Norca. Her mom breed dogs for her living. She attended Catholic schools St. Mel's Elementary and Notre Dame High School. In 1995, she graduated from the University of Redlands in California. After college, she taught 3rd grade for 4 years. Now, Marjetta is married to an artist/inventor, Michael Crumptom, they have a cat named Indiana Jones, and they live in Miama Beach, Florida. Marjetta Geerling, 2008
Pulished by Viking Juvenile "If only life was as easy as my sisters." My Review The Critic's Review I would give this book a 3 star rating. Overall it was a fun book to read and I think other readers can relate to Abby's situation and will admire her ambition to live above her family's reputation. 1. Fancy White Trash is the kind of novel that has it all: Endearing characters, hilarious situations, and a subtle message that sometimes, you have to let go of the rules and follow your heart. The soap opera antics of 15 year-old protagonist Abby Savage's life may at first glance appear to be outlandish and strictly for comedic value, but underneath that layer, it is truly a microcosm of the stress, frustrations, resentments, and support of familial relationships, which everyone can relate to on some level.
By Steven dos Santos (Miami) Setting Soundtrack The Tide is High By Blondie

Stacy's Mom By fountains of Wayne

Why you Gotta Make Me Keep wanting You By Jenna Kramer Theme Sometimes you have to break your own rules in order to find the right people and no matter where you come from it's never impossible to break out of your family's reputation. This quote illustrates Abby's goal to be different than her older sisters, Shelby and Kait. Cottonwood, Arizona Page 102
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