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Maine Coons By Hayden Hutchison

No description

Donna Bryant

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Maine Coons By Hayden Hutchison

Good Looks
Maine coons are not nocturnal and are very nice and friendly. These cats don't hibernate and they are a herding animal which means they like to be around their kind. Maine coons don't migrate. These incredible cats are calm, laid back, cautious, curious, and playful.
Small Maine Coons
By: Hayden Q. Hutchison

Many Names
The genus name for a maine coon is Felis. The species name of a maine coon is Felis catus. These names aren't just for maine coons, these are for all cats. The Maine Coon's name means sort of raccoon cat of Maine. There is no special name for males or females but babies are call kittens. Maine coons got their name because they orginated in Maine and they looked like raccoons so they got the name Maine Con.
The Cat Walk
Maine coons are fast walkers and they can run pretty fast too. Most maine coons walk bow legged which means they walk cross legged. Maine Coons only run when there is something scaring it.
Maine coons have a long fluffy and soft coats. Males can weigh anywhere from 13-18 pounds. Females can weigh 8-12 pounds. All maine coons have a mask on their face that looks like a raccoon's mask. Maine coons have a long ringed tail and hair in and on their ears. They also have long whiskers and more than one colored coat. Maine coons can get up to fourty inches long and their tail can rang from 10-16 inches long at full age. Maine Coons have many different coat colors and there are about 19 different coat colors!
Maine coons give birth to live young and they are born blind and can't hear. As they get older they start to hear and see black and white. After they pass seeing black and white, the kittens start to see colors. When the kittens start to see color they get more playful than before. By the time the kittens reach five they start to mature. After maturing the cats mate then give birth several times. When the female raises her last litter she usually dies a few years later.
Maine coons have long hair and thick coats for warmth. They also have hair between their toes so their feet won't freeze. These cat have big paws so they can walk in deep snow and not get stuck. These amazing cats also have a muscular body so they can survive attacks from other animals and fighting for food. Finally maine coons have hair in and on their ears for warmth or their ears.
The habitat of a maine coon is snowy forest and cool places. Many maine coons are found in the North and other cool places. There are also many manie coons in the South like her in Georgia. Maine coons can be found in these places North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South Africa. You won't see a maine coon too far from its home because it loves its people and it spends most of it's time in its master's home.
My Territory
Big Cat Big Diet
Maine coons eat dry cat food ( or wet ). Most maine coons can't eat wet cat food because it gives the cats diarreah. Meats maine coons eat are bovine heart, lamb heart, bovine meat, lamb meat, and cooked chicken. The fish that maine coons eat are tuna, sardines, herring, and atlantic cod.
The plants that a maine coon would eat are brown beans, cauliflower, and cabbage. There is very little dairy that a maine coon eats and two of those dairy products are cheese and yogurt. Some Maine Coons hunt their food others get their food from their humans.
What Do You Mean Shape Up My Act?
Life Cycle
This is the nucleus.
These are ribosomes.
These are nutrition particles.
Maine Coon Cell
This is the cytoplasm.
Inherited traits are hunting skills and playfulness. More inherited traits are meowing, ringed tail, raccoon mask, its mane, and hair between its toes. Another inherited trait is slow maturing. Slow maturing is common in the breed and maine coons usually don't mature until 5 years of age. Learned traits are walking, running, jumping, and prowling.
Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Subphylum - Vertebrata
Class - Mammalia
Order - omnivora
Family - Felidae
Genus - Felis
Species - catus
Scientific Name - Felis Catus
This is the cell membrane.
The enemies of a maine coon are large wild dogs, wolfs, coyotes, microbes (harmful), bob cats, snakes, and abusive humans.
Maine coons are in no danger of extinction. Maine coons are the second most adopted cat in the world. The first most adopted cat in the world is the persian. The maine coon is the most adopted cat in the U.S.A.
Species Survival
Something Special
Maine coons have ear hair, different shades of the same color, largest domestic cat, raccoon mask, and large body.
Thank you!
Thank you for taking time out of your day to watch this prezi about maine coons!
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