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House Slaves VS Field Slaves!

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Niah O'Briant

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of House Slaves VS Field Slaves!

In some cases......

Slaves were auctioned off to plantation owners for whatever price. The slave is now the owners property. 436 slaves were being sold in march 1859. The first auction in the United States was on march 3 in the 1800s.
There are many debate about slavery.
Field slaves work the most, working from dawn to sunset. Field slaves harvested hemp and cotton.
Ten percent of southerners owned slaves.
A house slave was given more respect than a field slave . House slaves got better food and better clothing. A house slave lived with the plantation owner and the field slaves lived in a shabby shack in most cases.
On Saturdays there were square dances for the slaves.

Not all slave-owners took this view, Harriet Jacobs, a house slave from Edenton, North Carolina, reports that on Sunday her mistress "would station herself in the kitchen, and wait till it was dished, and then spit in all the kettles and pans" to make sure that the slaves did not eat what was left over. Jacobs adds: "She did this to prevent the cook and her children from eking out their meager fare with the remains of the gravy and other scrapings. The slaves could get nothing to eat except what she chose to give them. Provisions were weighed out by the pound and ounce, three times a day. I can assure you she gave them no chance to eat wheat bread from her flour barrel. She knew how many biscuits a quart of flour would make, and exactly what size they ought to be."

House Slaves VS Field Slaves!
Plantation owners came around the world for the slaves. They checked slaves like they were checking a horse. Families were split a part they were lucky if they stayed together. Auctioning was the same to both types of slaves.
being a house slave was better to be than a field slave, in some cases it wasn't it all depends on the scenario.
The first field slave came to the new world in 1619. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had field slaves. Field slaves outnumber all of the other types of slaves. House slaves cooked meals and kept the house running. Field slaves picked cotton all day. There were four black slaves for every white person in some colonies.
What is Slavery?
Slavery is a practice in which people own other people. A slave is the property of a master. There are two types of slaves, house slaves and field slaves!
Written by: Makayla Owen, Kyle Jackson, Ameer Clyburn, Adam Swain, and Niah O'Briant.
fun facts

Comments from the writers!
Niah- In my opinion being a house slave or a field slave is difficult on the same level! From the weight of having the masters pain on your back to the work you have to do personally and physically the jobs are both a lot to take on especially against their will! Messing up causes you pain in both fields of work and both fields are hard! Even if one seems harder you have to think of the variables of the other! Doing work for another person is challenging, not getting paid is worse, having to do the work over your will is even harder, and messing up and getting beaten for it that's the most difficult of all! The slaves had to bear all of that House slaves and Field slaves both jobs are hard and both types of slaves are in it together!
Makayla-I think that they both do hard work the house slave have to do hard work like cooking, taking care of the people in the house, and take care of them selfes. But field slaves had a bad life too they got whipped, beat and stayed in the sun all day.
Kyle- In my opinion field slaves have a harder life, because they have a longer shift and get whipped if they slow there pace in the blazing heat. House slaves stay indoors, often in the plantation house were it is cool, they do chores that the master assigns them.
Adam- I think they both do hard work. Field slaves have to work in the hot and cold, they also have to work in a field. The house slaves have to take care of their master and their kids.
House slaves usually lived "better" than field slaves. They usually had better food and were sometimes given the family's cast-off clothing. William Wells Brown, a slave from Lexington, Kentucky, explained in his autobiography, Narrative of William W. Brown, A Fugitive Slave (1847): "I was a house servant - a situation preferable to that of a field hand, as I was better fed, better clothed, and not obliged to rise at the ringing of the bell, but about half an hour after."

Their living accommodation was also better than those of other slaves. In some cases the slaves were treated like the slave-owners children. However, Lewis Clarke believed that some house slaves were worse off than field slaves: "There were four house-slaves in this family, including myself, and though we had not, in all respects, so hard work as the field hands, yet in many things our condition was much worse. We were constantly exposed to the whims and passions of every member of the family; from the least to the greatest their anger was wreaked upon us. Nor was our life an easy one, in the hours of our toil or in the amount of labor performed. We were always required to sit up until all the family had retired; then we must be up at early dawn in summer, and before day in winter."

When this happened close bonds of affection and friendship usually developed. Even though it was illegal, some house slaves were educated by the women in the family. Trusted house slaves who had provided good service over a long period of time were sometimes promised their freedom when their master's died. However, there are many cases where this promise was not kept.
Gad Heuman and James Walvin, the authors of Slave Work (2003): "The domestic life of whites was dominated by slave domestics. Visitors, again, were struck by the huge numbers of black servants working in and around the homes of white people in the slave colonies. Nannies, nurses, cooks, and washers, gardeners and cleaners, each and every conceivable domestic role was undertaken by slaves. Overwhelmingly women, slave domestics faced different problems from their contemporaries in the fields. They faced all the potential aggravations of close proximity: Like getting beaten for no reason!
Life for a slave was very different depending on whether they were a field slave or a house slave. Field slaves and house slaves were different in many ways.
Field slaves worked in the fields from sunrise to sunset, and at harvest time they toiled 18 hours a day. Woman worked the same hours as the men, and pregnant field slaves were expected to continue until their child was born.
House slaves usually lived more comfortably than field slaves. They usually had better food and were sometimes given the family’s used clothing. Even though it was illegal, some house slaves were educated by the woman in the family. Sometimes the house slaves were treated like the master’s child.
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Slave Auctioning

The way I see it , field slaves do a lot more work than house slaves making there lives extremely hard .
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