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Class Chatter: Web Logs for the Classroom

No description

Angela Daigle

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Class Chatter: Web Logs for the Classroom

Class Chatter: Web Logs for the Classroom
Tech Tool for Today
actively engages students
provides independent tasks
safe forum for students to express their thinking and share learning
easy to use for both teachers and students
can be utilized for all disciplines
Get Students Writing
Web blogging, when used and monitored appropriately, supports a variety of writing and language Common Core State Standards.
Class Chatter differs from other student blogs in the way that it is designed. Its purpose is academic rather than social. Teachers control student access to the site and to each others' work. Teachers can post assignment blogs and input assignment grades right on the Class Chatter site.

Class Chatter provides students with opportunities to share their own learning, thoughts and ideas, as well as fosters a community to share it with by allowing students to respond, interact, and build upon each others' ideas.
Getting Ready!
Before using Class Chatter:
students must learn how to log in to their class
students then must log in to their personal dashboard
teach blog etiquette to students and review frequently
discuss quality work and use rubrics for scoring assignments
model appropriate praise and constructive criticism for comments
teachers can set up multiple class lists
blog topics
assignment blogs
view student progress on assignments
a comprehensive tutorial is available in the help center
lock classes
teacher has control of the amount of interaction between students
teacher/student email communication
Are you ready
to blog?
Please take a card with a "Techie" log in. Visit Class Chatter through a student's eyes. Respond to topic blogs and complete assignment blogs.
At any time please feel free to sign up for your own Class Chatter account.
Welcome to Class Chatter:
A private web blog for students to have academic discussions and responses and to post assignments.
This tech tool:
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