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Youth Participation in CASCAIS

No description

Claudia Fernando

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of Youth Participation in CASCAIS

Youth Participation in CASCAIS

We organize 7 different volunteering and
leisure summer time occupation programs
in different areas
We believe
is not only the
But is also a
creative force
in the
We support local
youth associations,
financially and logistically
We have a
Municipal Council
that gathers youth representatives to discuss matters related with
Youth Policy

And so we work to create the
rights, means, space, opportunities and support
for a meaningful participation
We stimulate creativity and personal development by organizing
for young people
We stimulate international mobility, intercultural learning and volunteering

by organizing, in partnership with local youth associations,
youth exchanges and international workcamps
We have a
radio and television
in high schools
that promotes youth participation in media
• Tourism and environment
Maré Viva

700 youngsters.
In the beaches of the municipality.
Tasks: surveillance, cleaning and supporting beach users.
• Environmental preservation
Natura Observa

600 youngsters.
In the Natural Park Sintra-Cascais.
Tasks: surveillance, cleaning and maintaining this green area.
• Social responsibility
Cultura Social

500 youngsters.
In non profit organisations.
Tasks: Support social, educational, sports and leisure projects.
Junta Jovem

240 youngsters.
In local councils.
Tasks: Social, educational and sports activities
• Tourism and Information
Verão na Linha

90 youngsters.
In the trains.
Tasks: surveillance, prevention of risk situations, providing touristic and municipal information.
• Sports

100 youngsters.
In a European Football event – Ibercup.
Tasks: supporting the teams and being a liaison agent.
We promote the
personal and professional development
, a program which involves young people in short term events and activities carried out by the Town Hall services
We help individual young people or non formal groups to implement a project idea, through
Participation Promotion Grants
We facilitate the access to information, with a network of
7 information centers
web resources

Creative Writing
Street art
Handcraft jewelry
30 youngsters.
In the streets of the old town.
Tasks: providing touristic and municipal information to visitors.
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