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myUNFPA + Technical Division

Exploring the ways myUNFPA can contribute to the efforts of Technical Division.

Galen Murray

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of myUNFPA + Technical Division

myUNFPA + Technical Division Goals: Make TD content more accesible Make TD content more visible Support thematic groups & online discussions TD produces key content Publications:

Issue Briefs
Annual Reports
State of the World Population report
Good Practices & Lessons Learned
Toolkits, Handbooks, Resource Kits
Assessment Reports
Fact Sheets & Posters
Technical & Working Papers
Guides & Methodologies
Briefing Reports/ Meeting Reports
Conference Proceedings
Thematic videos, interactive presentations & other media
Case Studies Organizational documents:

TD Policies and Guidance Notes
Annual Reports
Evaluation documents & other reporting mechanisms

Example: Guidance Note on Determining Field-Level leadership of a Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Area of Responsibility (AoR) Working Group in a cluster context Groups & Discussions:

Events- preparatory and after conference materials
Interactive sessions including webinars
Communities of Practice
Key document collaboration
Learning & training materials (e-Learning modules)

Example: Community of practice formed around a Quality Assurance of Technical Assistance Fusion asset But how is this content disseminated & shared? To the public To UNFPA staff Through UNFPA.org Through official document repositories Through shared folders and through Individual Branch & Divsion websites But mostly through... Email Email is our favorite communication tool But when our inbox is flooded by:

Vacancy announcements
OIC notices
Security warnings
EB and OC communications
etc. Important information can be hard to find UNFPA staff need a centralized supplement to email that meets all their needs The answer is myUNFPA.org Make emails more effective Resources Homepage Announcements Voices Fusion People Contribute The first area is a consolidated e-Resources library. Introducing... UNFPA.org provides a centralized location for the public to access UNFPA resources. Content is sorted by theme, region & type Content is searchable Types of documents include Which has already received critical support from TD focal points Additions to Resources can be promoted through the You spend a lot of time & energy working on documents make sure staff read them. Share documents through the myUNFPA Contributions page. Contributions help us "pollinate" myUNFPA. myUNFPA is a participatory social networking website. Technical Division has the knowledge to make myUNFPA content rich. Focal points will "grab" Technical Division documents and add them to the following service areas: The homepage already receives 60,000 hits per month- and counting! Staff in offices around the world can view stories A summary of Announcements Upcoming events & more! News can also be promoted through Voices is the place UNFPA staff turn to for internal news & information. Readership continues to increase! And Voices is read by Country Office staff, providing a direct link around the world. So how do we make function more effectively? Reduce the number of emails in your inbox through Soon Vacancy Announcements & Officer-in-Charge notices will no longer be in your inbox, they will automatically be uploaded to myUNFPA. Global Calendar Events can also be announced through the Share events by adding them to the Contributions page. But social networking is not just about content, it is also about The 'People' section allows staff to interact with each segment of myUNFPA through personal profiles. UNFPA staff are spread across the globe. Profiles enable staff to learn about the person with whom they are communicating. But social networking is also about people sharing ideas. So groups of people can collaborate & discuss online through the UNFPA knowlege sharing network, called: Through Fusion you can: Collaborate on projects
Form communities of practice around thematic issues
Plan & support events
Conduct a meta-analysis on good practices for a theme
Replace large email groups
Find e-Learning modules
Solicit debate on key UNFPA strategies & policies
And so much more! myUNFPA.org provides a centralized location for staff to access UNFPA Resources. Thank you Technical Division! The IDWG on myUNFPA would like to propose that: 1) Technical Division staff share their work through the Contributions page. 2) TD support a myUNFPA Content Consultant. 3) TD staff start their day with myUNFPA.org- set it as your homepage! 4) Assign Content Editors to review Resources section & 5) Engage in communities of practice and online discussions. You can also access the Institutional Roster through myUNFPA which was produced by Technical Division in collaboration with the myUNFPA team.
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