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Signpost Project: The Giver

No description

Mia Redondo

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Signpost Project: The Giver

Some examples of Contrast and Contradictions in The Giver are on pages one hundred-forty-nine to one hundred-fifty-one and on page one hundred-sixty-two.
On pages one hundred-forty-nine to one hundred-fifty-one Jonas watches his father perform a release for a baby boy. His father euthanized the child and threw him away. Jonas was devastated, because he thought his father was a great man, but he killed a child. This shows a big difference in his actions.
On page one hundred-sixty-two The giver says that Rosemary was his daughter. This surprised the reader, which makes it a contrast and contradiction.
Contrast and Contradiction
Again and Again
Words Of The Wiser
Memory Moment
Some examples of memory moments in the Giver are on pages twenty-three to twenty-five, and on pages one and two.
The memory on pages twenty-three to twenty-five is about when Jonas saw an apple change colors. He was playing with Asher and tossing an apple back and forth when he saw the apple change from the normal black and white to red. In the book, it states "and suddenly... the apple changed." This memory shows Jonas's ability to see beyond.
The memory on pages one and two is about when an aircraft was lost and flew over the community. This memory show's Jonas's fear during the incident and how it is different from the present time.
Mia Redondo
Signpost Project: The Giver
A Character's Actions Differ From The Beginning
A Thing Or Phrase Is Frequently Mentioned
In The Giver, the phrase "back and back and back" is repeated several times by Jonas and the Giver. It shows how life in the community hasn't changed for years and years, but towards the end of the book, Jonas changes life for everyone by returning the memories of their old life.
Some examples of words of the wiser are on pages eighty-four and one hundred-sixty-four.
The words of the wiser signpost on page 84 was when the Giver said to Jonas "Honor. I have great honor. So will you, But you will find it is not the same as power." The moral the Giver is sending Jonas is that honor is not like power, and that power is not always most important.
The other example of this signpost on page one hundred-sixty-four is also the Giver speaking to Jonas. He says "The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared."
A Character Has A Flashback
A Character, usually older, Gives Advice To Another
Tough Questions
A Character Asks Themselves A Question That Reveals Their Personal Struggles
Some examples of tough questions in The Giver are on pages sixty-nine and seventy-one.
The tough question on page sixty-nine is made by Jonas. He asks himself "What would happen to his friendships" after he started his job as the Receiver, since it took up all of his time. The personal struggle this question reveals about Jonas is his fear of losing his friends.
The other example of tough questions in The Giver is also asked by Jonas. He asks himself "What if
others - adults
- had received the same terrifying sentence? What if they all had been instructed:
you may lie
?" This shows Jonas's personal struggle about trust.
Aha Moment
A Character Has A Realization
Some examples of aha moments in The Giver are on pages one hundred-fifty-five and one hundred-sixteen.
The aha moment on page one hundred-fifty-five is when the Giver realizes that the community must change. He says "And having you here with me over the past year has made me realize that things must change. For years I felt that they should, but it seemed so hopeless. Now for the first time I think there might be a way."
The other example on page one hundred-sixteen is when Jonas realizes that he could give memories. In the text it states "He was not aware of giving the memory; but suddenly he realized that it was becoming dimmer, that it was sliding through his hand into the being of the newchild." This moment helps them both later in the story when Jonas warms himself and Gabe with the memory of sunlight.
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