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Colt Creek Career Shadowing

No description

brandon hardy

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Colt Creek Career Shadowing

Colt creek park manager The average salarey for a Park Manager is $36,000. In the begining Mr. Spalding was told that this was not for the money. Although he dose get the benifit of living on site. Now a days you only need a high school degree for this profession but when Mr. Spalding went through you needed a sociates degree. Mr. Spalding works at Colt Creek State Park. This buisness is like a restoration and a reserve. People are able to visit and enjoy it but the park managers restore it back to the lands original form. I believe that in 15 years colt creek will have become a beautiful oasis in a suburben desert so to speak. The employability skills needed are things like being on time, wearing the proper uniform, follow directions, and things like that. These are all emportant beacause park managers and rangers have to deal with other people on a daily basis and they must be profesional to convey a good image both for them selves and the park. Technology used in this career are things like the computer and telephones. Mr. Spalding says that things like this have revolutionised the park buisness both restoration and park pleasures for other people For this job you kind of need to be a jack of all trades. You need to know things about nature and also things about Mechanics for your vehicle. I think that i would persue a career in this feild. One beacause i am good with people. Two beacause i am a jack of all trades. Three beacause i just really love nature. I really liked this job but my favorite part was seeing all the diferent animals and plants. There really wasnt any part of this job i disliked.
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