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College Comparison Project

No description

Jennifer Sosa

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of College Comparison Project

Basic Information Majors Available VCU
Accountancy Accounting Actuarial Science Addiction Studies Adult Learning Advertising African American Studies African Studies Aging Studies American Studies Anthropology Anatomy and Neurobiology Applied Social Research Art Education
Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies Art History Arts Asian and Chinsese Studies Athletic Training Autism Spectrum Disorders Biochemistry Bioinformatics Biology Biomedical Engineering Biostatistics British Studies Business Business Administration Catholic Studies Ceramics Chemical Biology Chemistry Chemical and Life Science Engineering Cinema Clinical Psychology Clinical and Translational Sciences Clinical Laboratory Sciences Clinical Radiation Sciences College Student Development and Counseling
Communication Arts Computer and Information Systems Security Computer Engineering Computer Science Counseling Psychology Counselor Education Craft & Material Studies Creative Writing Criminal Justice Curriculum and Instruction Dance and Choreography Decision Sciences Dentistry Advanced Dental Education Dental Hygiene Disability Leadership Design Economics Education Educational Leadership Engineering Electrical Engineering English Environmental Studies Epidemiology European Studies Fashion Fashion Merchandising Fibers Film Finance Financial Technology Fine Arts Foreign Language Forensic Science French Furniture Design Foundations of Special Education Gender Violence Intervention Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies General Business Genetic Counseling Genetic Epidemiology Genetics German Gerontology Geopgraphic Information Sciences Glassworking Graphic Design Health Administration Health and Movement Sciences Health Psychology Health Related Sciences Health Sciences Health Services Organization and Research History Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science Honors College
Healthcare Policy and Research Historic Preservation Planning Human Genetics Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
Human Resource Management Illustration Information Systems Instructional Leadership Instructional Technology
Integrative Life Sciences Interdisciplinary Studies Interior Design Islamic Studies Interior Environments International Studies
International Management Studies International Social Justice Studies Italian Studies Journalism Jewelry/Metalworking Judaic Studies Kinetic Imaging Latin American Studies Leadership Life Science Management Marketing Mass Communications Media Studies
Mathematical Sciences Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Mechanical Engineering Media, Art, and Text Medical Physics Medicine Mediterranean Studies Microbiology and Immunology Molecular Biology and Genetics Music Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Neurobiology Neuroscience Nuclear Engineering Nonprofit Management Nonprofit Management and Administration Nurse Anesthesia Nursing Nuclear Medicine Technology Occupational Therapy Patient Counseling Painting and Printmaking Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmacology and Toxicology Pharmacy Philosophy Philosophy of Law Photography and Film Physical Therapy Physics
Physics and Applied Physics Physiology Political Science Pre-health Sciences and Pre-law Pre=medical Graduate Health Sciences
Printmaking Product Innovation Professional Counseling Psychology Public Administration Public Health Public Management
Public Policy and Administration Public Relations Public Safety Radiation Sciences Radiation Therapy Radiography Reading
Reading Specialist Real Estate Real Estate and Urban Land Development Real Estate Valuation Rehabilitation and Movement Science
Rehabilitation Counseling Rehabilitation Leadership Religious Studies Research and Evaluation Russian Studies Science
Sculpture Sexuality Social and Behavioral Health Social Welfare Social Work Sociology Spanish Special Education
Spanish/English Translation and Interpretation Special Education and Disability Policy Leadership Sport Leadership Statistics Systems Modeling and Analysis Taxation Teaching Theatre Transportation Planning and Analytics Urban and Regional Planning Urban and Regional Studies Urban Revitalization Urban Services Leadership Visual Communications Women's Studies World Cinema Writing Bibliography "JMUSports.com Official Website of James Madison University Athletics." JMUSports.com Official Website of James Madison University Athletics. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Mar. 2013. <http://www.jmusports.com/>.

"James Madison University :: Harrisonburg, VA :: U.S.." Family Connection. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Mar. 2014. <https://connection.naviance.com/family-connection/colleges/college/view/?cid=5392>.

"James Madison University - Home." James Madison University - Home. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Mar. 2013. <http://www.jmu.edu/>.

"Virginia Commonwealth University." Virginia Commonwealth University. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Mar. 2013. <https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/college-university-search/virginia-commonwealth-university>.

"Virginia Commonwealth University." Virginia Commonwealth University. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Mar. 2013. <http://www.vcu.edu/>.

"Virginia Commonwealth University :: Richmond, VA :: U.S.." Family Connection. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Mar. 2013. <https://connection.naviance.com/family-connection/colleges/college/view/?cid=5392>.

Virginia Commonwealth University. "VCU ." VCU . N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Mar. 2013. <http://www.vcuathletics.com/landing/index Sports Offered Baseball (M) Lacrosse (W)
Basketball (M+W) Softball (W)
Cross Country (W) Soccer (M+W)
Cross Country (M+W) Swim and Dive (W)
Field Hockey (W) Tennis (M+W)
Football (M) Track and Field (W)
Golf (M+W) Track and Field (M+W)
Golf (M) Volleyball (W) Similarities and Differences Similarities:
Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field
A few majors including Anthropology, Athletic Training, History, and Psychology
Both in Virginia
Required G.P.A. above 3.0
Both require 4 years of English
Public Universities
Football, Lacrosse, Softball, Swim and Dive, and Volleyball are only offered at JMU
VCU offers MANY MORE majors than JMU
JMU has competitive admission policy and VCU has a rolling admission policy
JMU requires 3 years of Science and VCU only requires 2 years
JMU requires 4 years of Math and VCU requires 3 years
VCU requires 3 years of History and JMU requires 2 years
JMU is in a large town and VCU is in a small city

Now that I have done all this research, I think James Madison University would be the best choice for me because it is closer home and much cheaper. It is also a good choice for me because the student body is smaller, so I would feel more comfortable in the smaller classrooms. I am still interested in both universities but am more interested in
James Madison than Virginia Commonwealth. Majors Available JMU

Accounting Anthropology Art/Studio Art Art History Athletic Training
Biology Biotechnology Chemistry Communication Studies Communication Sciences and Disorders Computer Information Systems
Computer Science Dietetics Earth Science Economics
Education Engineering English Finance Geographic Science
Geology Health Sciences Health Services Administration History
Hospitality Management Integrated Science and Technology
Intelligence Analysis Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies International Affairs
International Business Justice Studies Kinesiology Management
Marketing Mathematics Music Media Arts And Design
Modern Foreign Languages Nursing Philosophy and Religion Physics Political Science Psychology Public Policy and Administration
Quantitative Finance Social Work Sociology Statistics
Sport and Recreation Management Theater and Dance
Writing, Rhetoric, & Technical Communication By: Jennifer Sosa James Madison
Virginia Commonwealth University VCU JMU

Size of Student Body: Size of Student Body:
31,899 19,927

Number of Employees: Number of Employees:
19,384 1,238

Location: Location:
Richmond, Virginia Harrisonburg, Virginia

SAT Score Requirement: SAT Score Requirement:
1705 1856

ACT Score Requirement: ACT Score Requirement:
24 27

G.P.A. Requirement: G.P.A. Requirement:
3.43 3.79

Tuition and Fees: Tuition and Fees:
In-state: $9,885 In-state: $4,642
Out-of-state: $23,300 Out-of-state: $17,422

Room and Board Cost: Room and Board Cost:
$8,646 $8,340

Cost of Books (Estimated): Cost of Books (Estimated):
$2,444 $916 Legend:
= Both Colleges (M) = Men's
= VCU (W)= Women's
= JMU VCU Campus JMU Campus Living Arrangements VCU
Coed Housing
Women's Housing
Men's Housing
Commuter Campus JMU
Coed Housing
Apartments for single students
Fraternity/Sorority Housing
Special Housing for Disabled Students
Wellness Housing Small City
Freshmen allowed to
have cars
No pets Theme Housing
Residential Campus
Large Town
No cars allowed
No pets Activities Campus Ministries
Choral Groups
Concert Band
Dance Activity
Drama/ Theater
film Society
Government or Political Activity
International Student Organization
Jazz Band
Literary Magazine
Marching Band Legend:
= Both Colleges = VCU
= JMU Model United Nations
Music Ensembles
Musical Theater
Pep Band
Radio Station
Student Newspaper
Symphony Ochestra
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