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Hybrid E-Commerce System

Hybrid E-Commerce System for SLR

Nirmal Kumarasiri

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Hybrid E-Commerce System

Sri Lanka Railway Hybrid E-Commerce System Design the framework for an e-commerce application for Sri Lanka Railway.
Design a knowledge management system to work with data captured via the e-commerce application.
Identify the implications of such a system from expected benefits point of view.
Develop a logical framework for design, develop and implement the system.
Critically analyse the issues faced with implementation of such a system. Objectives Sri Lanka Railway is run based on age old methods of operations.
Effective use of IT is restricted only advanced ticket booking and a few local operations.
Huge opportunity to provide efficient services on the transportation sector in the country.
Value addition to regular and recreational commuters via creative use of e-commerce concepts. The Opportunity for use of E-Commerce in SLR Components of Proposed Solution – E-commerce Value added services to travelers. Train reservations for events. Cargo transportation reservations. Booking of travel packages linked with railway. Handle payments via a payment gateway for reservations, cancellations and refunds. Pre-paid smart card system instead of tickets. Advanced ticket reservations via the web. (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Customer feedback management. Sales Analysis Travel Patterns Customer records management. Payment gateway via commuters mobile account for reservations, cancellations and refunds. Deals and package updates via SMS to subscribers. Location based information. Mobile application for ticket reservation. Components of Proposed Solution – M-commerce Nearest stations.
Train schedules.
Tracking trains on map. Knowledge Management System Components Customer satisfaction online surveys.
Complaints management - Cases. Historical travel data.
User preferences. Revenue analysis from various business modules.
Sales predictions based on historical patterns and business growth.
Management reports of sales breakdowns. Frequent destinations and volumes.
Seasonal changes in destinations. Data Repositories
Data warehouse
Transactional DB's Input Systems
Online reservations system
SMART card pre-paid TPS
Travel packages TPS
M-commerce reservation system Expected Benefits Customer convenience.
Cut down of labour and materiel costs.
Value addition to customers and promotion of train as a travel option.
Better management of resources.
Less chance of fraud and better transparency. E-Readiness and Challenges Citizen’s ability to utilize the technology.
Organizations ability to re-engineer the business process with IT.
Consumer protection.
Telecommunication & regulation policy.
Cyber- crimes.
Long term investment. Thank you! Group C-3
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