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Jesse Owens

No description

Library Media

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens
By: Mac McCowan
Early Years
Jesse Owens was born September 12, 1913 in Oakville, Al. His parent's names were Marry Emma Owens and Henry Owens. They both worked as sharecroppers. He had 6 brothers and 3 sisters. By the time he went to the Olympics, he was already married and had a baby girl. Five years later he had another baby girl named Merlene. He also had many other kids
College Years
Jesse Owens went to Ohio St. University for college. His first job was pumping gas at a gas station. At Ohio St. he is known as "The Buckeye Bullet". He won a record of eight individual NCAA track championships. He ran a 100 yard dash in 9.4 seconds! He made really bad grades in college and even got kicked off the track team for a season because of his bad grades. I think he should have studied more!
The Olympics
Jesse Owens was a track runner and ran in the Olympics. He won four gold medals, including one for the long jump, one for the 200 m and 2 for the 100m. He broke three world records and nine Olympic records. One of his records lasted for 25 years! When Jesse Owens arrived in Berlin for the 1936 Olympics, he realized Adolf Hitler was using the games to show the world how good they were. He and other Government officials thought that they would dominate the games. However, Jesse Owens came in and surprised the whole world by winning four gold medals . Jesse Owens did so well in the 1936 Olympics that he became famous for it.
The end of Jesse Owens Life
Jesse Owens died March 31,1980 in Tucson, Arizona. He died of lung cancer at the age of 66. There are many landmarks of Jesse Owens including the Jesse Owens Museum in Oakville, Al, The Jesse Owens Stadium in Los Angeles,Ca, and The Jesse Owens House in Cleveland, Oh.. Jesse Owens is remembered today as one of the greatest track runners in the USA. They call Jesse Owens " The Fastest Man Alive".
Thanks for listening
Interesting Facts
Jesse was called J.C, but when he moved from Al. to Ohio at 9, his teacher could not understand his southern accent and thought his name was Jesse. Jesse was too shy to correct the teacher. That is where he got his name, Jesse.
Owens raced against horses for money, and he would often win.
Jesse Owens had a lump on his chest, and they didn't have enough money for a doctor so his mom had to get a knife and cut his chest open and remove the lump.
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