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Making and Breaking Bonds

No description

Ashley Sotelo

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Making and Breaking Bonds

Making and Breaking Bonds

What we are going to learn
You're going to have to learn these key concepts!!
Carboxyl Group
weak carboxylic acids
amino acids and fatty acids
hydrogen bonds/hydrophilic
weak bases/hydrophilic
amino acids & nucleotides
Dehydration Synthesis/Condensation Reaction
A chemical reaction that joins monomers together with a bond to form polymers.
Hydrolysis is the breaking of bonds by adding water to polymers to gain energy
Phosphate Group
slight negative charge
Nucleotides & ATP
Do you know these things?
Because you should.
Ask questions if you don't!!
Dehydration Synthesis/Condensation Reaction
Builds up molecules by losing water molecules.
Functional Groups
Learn about 4 main functional groups
Where they can be found in living things
2 monomers
H from one monomer and OH from another form H2O
2 monomers bond together
Step 2
Step 3
It's so COOH!
OH snap
Found in:
*insert pun with NH2 here*
Found in:
Dehydration Synthesis/Condensation Reaction
After losing a water molecule, 2 monomers are bonded together to make a polymer.
A hydroxyl group (-OH) is taken from one molecule and a hydrogen (H) is taken from another molecule.
Functional Groups
Identify the functional groups
Draw them
Where they're found in living things
By adding water to a polymer, it gets turned into a monomer.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Step 1
Found in:
Found in:
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