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Copy of State of Democracy of PAKISTAN

A brief evaluation of the state of democracy in Pakistan. (ASE1)(Gr.12 Politics)

haroon khan

on 11 April 2012

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Transcript of Copy of State of Democracy of PAKISTAN

Failure of Democracy in Pakistan Group Members Hafiz Muhammad Haroon Khan
Adil Sher
Muhammad Anas Javaid
Muhammad Ansaar
Usman Habib

A form of government in
which the supreme power
is vested in the people and
exercised directly by them
or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.
Mohammad Ali Jinnah Asif Ali Zardari CAUSES OF FAILURE ! The main causes of failure are..
1. Feudalism
2. Illiteracy
3. Apathetic people
4. Self – imposed leaders
5.inherited politics

The More Critical causes are :
There is corruption in all levels of government
Corrupt judiciary system
Moving against the judiciary decisions.
Elections are said to be fraudulent
Financial aid was not reached to the people who were meant to get it, it was got less and less as it made its way down to the people. i.e. the flood victims, the indigenous population and refugees.
There is an international black-market for drugs and alcohol which finantially support the political groups. what are these? 1. Feudalism
A system for structuring society around
relationships derived from the holding
of land in exchange for service or labour.
2. Illiteracy
3. Apathetic people
Having or showing little feeling of emotion
means ( spiritless)
4. Self – imposed leaders
Leaders becoming too focused on
themselves. They want to be fulfill thier hidden
motives and achieve their own goals.
5.inherited politics
Transfer of leadership generation to generation. From the begining we have faced feudalism, which ruined our foundation with corruption.
Bad policy making, Both national and foreign
policy which intentionaly being dictated by the
Super powers for thier own benifits.
Resulting in the form of Militry dictators means no democracy at all.
The seperation with east pakistan due to Yah Ya's Martial Law.
The soveit War with Afghanistan
The 9-11 conspiracy.
Sollutions Solution that are valuable to make democracy a successful saga in Pakistan and to strengthen the fraternity of the nation in general.

Sweatshops of feudalism should be closed.
Traditions of inherited politics must be abolished.
Education and social liberty should be given to the all nation.
Social equality, justice and rule of law across the country. Irrespective of their social status and level of wealth.
Youth must be promoted and young, energetic and educated people should be encouraged in every sphere of life. Important Facts When our nation will be literate and social freedom will be there, then genuine and competent leadership will emerge from bottom of our society.
He will focus on the social welfare and security of general public.
A successful execution of all these pragmatic measures may can lead towards a strong democratic Pakistan in true sense.
This task is not unbeatable. Otherwise game of Chess between politicians and Military will continue as it was in the past.

Any Question ? Any Question? thanks
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