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Omar azure


Feras Alyamani

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Omar azure

Pr proposal Introduction
Target audience.
Key messages.
corporate relations
Media relation.
Social media.
time line:
Pr Plan. Index With an evolving aesthetic that is continuously gaining a growing following of loyal patrons, Omar Azure is a fluid design concept. The ten-year old aspirations of the man behind the design—Omar W. Ashour, these tailored manifestations of divine design are breaking national traditions and international expectations.
From the pebbled streets of Istanbul to the Meat Packing District, Omar Azure is a design concept that transcends boundaries and rejects conformity. With a collection of bold, sophisticated design to cater to the ultimate man of taste, Azure is the epitome of luxurious living.
As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions,” which is something Ashour knows all too well. This consciousness is definitively reflected by the dramatic presence that is innate in his wide spectrum of constructed design, from the minimalistic and bold to the stylized and daring. By implementing a modern school of design, Omar Azure is able to transcend the traditional Saudi Thobe into a piece of striking, contemporary fashion Introduction Public.
A class.
fashion blogers
decision makers.
high managments.
Staff uniforms.
Government. Target Audience To activate Omar Azure brand.
To pentrate the market by opening new branches.
To enhance the image of the brand.
To Create media buzz.
To create awareness regard the brand.
To highlight the new and the previous achivements.
To increase the sales of the shop. Objectives Omar Azure is high end Brand.
Omar Azure is the most luxirios thobes brand.
Omar Azure using precious meterial in his collections.
Omar Azurre is leading brand in fashion.
Omar Azure is not only a brand its a life style. Key messages Activities Re-Opening.
Fashion show.
Designing contest.
celebrity designer.
Azure club.
fashion consultant.
Fashion Awards Particibations.
membership of well known Fashion orgnazations.
Fashion Week By Omar Azure. Activities Roll-out Re-Opening Duration: One Day

Date: 15 Nov 2012

Location : Omara Azure Boutique. Invetations:
Omar Azure clients
celebrities. The Concept:
to annaounce to the peoble that Omar Azure Boutique is open so we can get the maximum esposure and spread the awareness regard the boutique. Gift Vouchers:
Attendees. Fashion show the concept:
for each collection we will do fashion show launching the new collection in elegant way that reach to the level of the brand. Invitations:
Omar Azure clients
celebrities. Gift Items:
Attendees. The Mechanism:
we will reserve one of the luxurious halls.
we will change the theme of the branding depending on the collection.
we will pick a selective models who can display the Thobes in perfect way.
the stage will be equipped with high tech lighting and sound system.
LED screens placed as background. Duration: One Day

Date: on going

Location : TBC Designing contest Duration: one month

Date: -

Location : online The Concept:
the main idea from the contest is to educate the audience regard the fashion standards and to interactive with them, and in the other hand it can highlight Omar Azure Role in supporting the young talents. Invitations:
Media. Gift Items:
winners: we can give them a certificate and we can produce his design and sale it in the shop. The Mechanism:
we will start the contest in the online mediums such as Facebook, twitter, flicker, Instagram... .
in the first phase of the contest we will get the maximum designs and in the second phase we will filtrate them to Top 20.
in the final ceremony we will ask the top 20 to design their own thobes to display it on catwalk and they allowed to use one model.
from the top 20 the judges will select the winner. The Mechanism:
we will cut the rippon with the presenence of media and VIPs
Mr.Omar will give a brief for the audience about the brand.
the attendees will have a space to ask about the brand
we will display the catering on four Bar Tables.
there will be models wearing the new collection standing in the showroom.
two waiters will be there to serve the attendees. celebrity designer The Concept:
as the brand is high end wear so targeting the celebrity is one of our goals, so we will launch a several campaigns with deterrent celebrities to be brand Media Face. Duration: one month

Date: -

Location : online Target Audience:
Media. The Mechanism:
we will make contract with one of the celebrity for some collections.
as he is celebrity so we will make sure that he will appears wearing our thobes.
we will make a photo sessions.
we will arrange a several interviews with him. Azure Club Duration: on going.

Date: -

Location : several locations The Concept:
as the brand is high end wear so targeting the celebrity is one of our goals, so we will launch a several campaigns with deterrent celebrities to be brand Media Face. Target Audience:
young business men.
groups such as Lumbarggeni group, Bently, .... . The members:
Omar Azure club members are young glamorous and confident.
Club members gather on weekly basis and plan for activities that help delivering the brands key messages.
will be an ambassadors for Omar Azure as they will be young and successful. Aljanadria fashion consultant Fashion Awards Particibations membership of well known
Fashion organizations Fashion Week By
Omar Azure Duration: One Day.

Date: Yearly

Location : Riyadh The Concept:
as the brand is high end wear so targeting the celebrity and the top VIPs as the HRHs will attend and King Abdullah will watch Omar Azure Thobes. Target Audience:
Government. The Mechanism:
we will have an agreement with the organizers to make Omar Azure is the only Thobe Brand to wear by celebrities
Omar Azure will deliver a special designs for this event.
PRL will highlight the role of Omar Azure in Aljanadria. Duration: Ongoing.

Date: -

Location : Riyadh The Concept:
to highlight that Omar Azure is not only designer or a brand name he is also a fashion consultant as he well educated in fashion and image consultant. Target Audience:
interested in fashion. The Mechanism:
we will open the door for all the fans on the Social Media to answear their questions about Fashion.
we will arrange a several workshops presented by Omar Azure.
we can relate Omar Azure Club to art in all its kinds by doing a monthly gathering in one of the fancy cafes. The Concept:
is to give the clients more credibility and to get media exposure by wining one of the famous international awards as Omar azure will participate in a several Awards. Target Audience:
Media. The Mechanism:
we will list the famous International Fashion awards to decide which one can goes with Omar Azure Brand.
we will participate in this Awards.
we will Write a PRL about this participation.
social media updating regard the awards.
Theme changing incase of wining. The Concept:
to add a several membership to Omar Azure Credential which give a prestigious image for the brand. Target Audience:
Media. The Mechanism:
we will list all the fashion Orgnazations.
we will finalize the participation process for Omar Azure.
we will add the logo of the orgnazations to all Omar Azure themes.
Social Media updates. The Concept:
is to create a fashion week by Omar Azure, that support all young and start up designers in week that highlight all their designs under the umbrella of Omar Azure. Target Audience:
The future designers.
Government. The Mechanism:
after we accomplish several achievements we will use the fashion week to enhance this achievements.
we will aware the public about the role Of Omar Azure towards the society.
we will invite all the designers to particibate in the fashion week.
we will publish PRL pre the week and post the week. corporate relations the concept:
is to increase our clients from high income executives as its one of our goals to seek for the high potential segments. Target audience:
High managements.
high income employes. The mechanism:
data base collecting for all CEOs and companies management.
we will start communicate with them.
we will do a several activities such as ( seminars, workshops, showroom visits...)
we will give them a membership in Omar Azure as they are our loyal customers and they will get special designs or services. Media relation PRL every month in Arabic And English to be published from 10 to 15 times in newspaper, magazine and online.
interview every 3 months.
Media invitations.
Media kit to deliver to the media every 3 months.
greeting cards for occasions to distributed for the media.
press file by the end of each month.
daily monitoring and clipping for the latest news of the brand and the competitors. Social Media We can post albums for the photoshoots, events and updates news against Omar Azure.
We can share videos of the latest events.
monitoring and interacting with the fans.
Connect Youtube channel, Twitter and instagram with facebook page.
Post pictures for Omar Azure with popular people wearing his Thobes.
Make the fans voting for the Best timeline cover.
We can Make powerful welcome video for Omar Azure welcoming the visitors. Facebook YouTube Making Omar Azure Channel at youtube, and design it in unique way (All in Dark Purple).
We can use Youtube by creating a short film tell a story about Omar Azure, how he design the Thobs, how it’s make and how it’s finish in perfect ending with the great materials.
We can upload the fashion show’s brief videos one by one in high quality.
We can make creative videos shows each new line Omar Azure designs it. Instagram Make a contest for Omar Azure customers wearing his thops and the picture that get more likes he is the winner.
Create hashtag (#OmarAzure).
Post ideas how the customers can wear Omar Azure Thobs (Ex: The picture).
Capture for the unique details that Omar Azure use it from time to time.
Post photos for what’s happing with Omar Azure, Ex: #OmarAzure on his way to opening the new branch, The Models are getting ready for #OmarAzure Photoshoot, #OmarAzure is designing his new collection.
Post photos for VIP customers when they visit Omar Azure’s place. Twitter we will build audience as we connected with facebook.
we can update the the twitter with photos, tips, news and videos.
we can participate in one of the big contests to earn more followers.
we will create our own interactive contests and activities. B Nov Oct Mar Dec Feb Apr Jun May Jan Sep Aug Jul Timeline Activities: Re-Opening. PR: PRL.
Social Media. Activities: Fashion Show.
corporate deals activation. PR: PRL.
Social Media. Activities : designing contest starting. PR: PRL.
Social Media. Activities : Fashion Show.
celebrity designer.
Aljanadria. PR: PRL.
Social media. Activities : Azure Club. PR: PRL.
Social media. Activities : Fashion consultant program. PR: PRL.
Social Media. Activities : Fashion consultant program. PR: PRL.
Social Media. Activities : participation in in international Awards(list will be provided) PR: PRL.
Social Media. Activities : Membership in well known Fashion organizations. PR: PRL.
Social Media. PR: Activities : Fashion week By Omar Azure. PRL.
Social Media. Activities : Fashion week By Omar Azure. PR: PRL.
Social Media. Activities : planing for the next year activities and reporting. PR: PRL.
Social Media. Notes:
the dates of the mentioned activities is flexible, and other activities such as new branches openings and new lines launching. our future vision with Omar Azure our vision for the next 5 years is to build one of the biggest Saudi Fashion Brands and to take it from the local market to the international, and also to make not only a brand to make it an empire by extending in all types of life style such as a Motel by Omar Azure and Omar Azure Cafe. how we will do it? the main objective is to create a media and social exposure which will build a strong base for the brand name that's allow us to go for the next step so confident. Thank You
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