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AP Gov Cornell Notes for Students

No description

Pat Butler

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of AP Gov Cornell Notes for Students

Cornell Notes:
Focused Note-Taking
Note Taking
C - Create Format
O - Organize Notes on the Right
Note Making
R - Review and Revise (mark up)
N - Note Key Ideas (left margin)
E - Exchange Ideas
L - Link Learning
L - Learning Tool
Do you interact with your notes in a way that encourages DEEP PROCESSING?
Take Notes in your own words
Skip Lines
Use Symbols
Use lists/bullets
Recognize Cues
Note MAKING is completed AFTER Note Taking!
Fold the Paper and Review!
Time for Practice:
Dr. Chew Video

Step 1: Format and Note-Taking
Essential Question:
What are common misconceptions about learning that many students have?
Step 2:
After you have completed your note TAKING, spend some time with step 2, note MAKING:
Mark up the notes
Key ideas on the left
Questions on the left (levels 1, 2, and 3)
Step 3:
Interact with your notes:
Write a good summary.
Practice studying for a quiz over the video.
Focused Note-Taking Closure
1. Each group member writes their own summary on a post-it note and shares it with the group.

2. Next, the group writes one "better" summary from everyone's ideas.
Cornell Notes Practice
Government: institution through which a society makes and enforces public policy.

What is power?
What is authority?
Public Policy
All of the things a government decides to do
The process of regulating conflict within a society.
Who gets what, when, and how?
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