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Turtle shell insurance

No description

clayton richards

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Turtle shell insurance

Here you have MONEY And you VALUE your money But what happens? When you have to spend your money, perhaps on things you didn't PLAN on spending your money on. Like..insurance! With a low rate for good coverage. Seems..smart! Plan money and value You need to plan What to do with your money to get the best value. Like the cost of repairs from.. A tsunami Or an earth quake. You need protection So where can you get good coverage and a low price? Turtle shell insurance company! Not only will they give you the best deal, but at the end of the year every insurance customer gets entered into a drawing for a prize. So i guess the only question left is, "Why not get insured"? But if you do have any more questions, come talk to the guys down at turtle shell insurance.
Anything really.
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