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BSO E Campbell

No description

Emily Campbell

on 20 June 2017

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Transcript of BSO E Campbell

your BSO leader:

Emily Campbell
Year: Junior
Hometown: Toledo, Ohio
Why OU? Campus atmosphere
My academic journey

Welcome to
Bobcat Student Orientation!

Introduce Yourselves!
Lunch Time!
Meet back at 1:15 pm
with technology!
Lunch will be held in Nelson on South Green.
Stick with a bobcat from this room if you want!
Pro Tip: find a table first, put your stuff down, then get food.
Questions? Lost?
Call/Text: 419-351-7959
What's the Wifi Password?
Select OHIO University Wifi
Not OHIO University Guest
Sign in using your Ohio ID and Password
Example: ec160414/gobobcats110
Accept Terms and Conditions

Everyone Good?
Welcome Back!
THE Ohio Guide
Here are a few important pages to remember
Majors by College- p. 12
Minors and Certificates- p. 14
Suggested Intro Courses-p. 29
My OHIO Student Center- p. 47
Registration Instructions- p. 52
DARS- p. 56
Helpful People and Places- p. 63
Faculty Presentation
Make sure to pay attention and feel free to take notes, a few things to pay extra attention to are...
What are my responsibilities as a Student at OU?
What are my Academic Adviser's responsibilities?
What are DARS?
Where do I go for academic help/where can I meet my adviser?
Other Academic Resources to Remember

Academic Achievement Center- Alden 101
Tutoring, writing assistance, Study Skills, College Adjustment Program (CAP)
Allen Student Help Center- Baker 417
Walk-in Advising, Academic Coaching, First Gen. Support
Career and Leadership Development Center- Baker 533
Career Coaching
Chubb Hall- College Green
Counseling and Psychological Services- Hudson 3rd Floor
Walter International Education Center- 15 Park Place
Student Accessibly Services- Baker 348

Helpful Technology
Wifi: Student ID & Password
Catmail (aka email):

OHIO Portal:
My Ohio/Student Center:

Resources on Campus:
Tech Support/Bobcat Depot/OIT
Baker Center 1st Floor
Social Media
Follow us!
The Ohio Catalog

List and description of every Academic Policy, major, minor, certificate requirements
Requred classes listed
Helpful tool when scheduling
Extremely convenient to search what the major/minor/certificate is is, and even lays out exactly what classes are needed to complete it.
Campus Life and involvement!
Getting INvolved: Student Orgs & Jobs On Campus
A huge thing about going to College is finding yourself and getting involved.
We have over 500 student Organizations- you are bound to find a few that catch your eye
Involvement Fair!
When: Move in week
Where: College Green
Org Sync Website
explore, try things out!
How Emily is involved:

Freshman Year: International Office, Her Campus, The Odyssey
Soph: Housing and Res Life
Current: BSO Leader, Thread Magazine
Residential Life:
3 Main Greens: East, West, and South
3 different living styles; Traditional, Mod and Suite
Alcohol Edu & Haven -see email due before classes start
OUPD # "Bobcats look out for bobcats"
Food and Dinning Options

Dinning Halls:
Nelson (South)
The District (West)
Shively (East)
Other On Campus Dinning:
Latitude 39
West 82
Campus Cafes
Hungry Cat
Grab N Go
Smooth Moves
Meal Plan:

Flex vs. Standard
Bobcat Cash

Ping and other Fitness
Ping Center: Campus Rec Center
South Green and FREE with Student ID
Group Fitness Classes
Outdoor Pursuits
Personal Trainers
Club and Intramural Sports

Besides Ping You Can Go To:
Aquatic Center, Bird Arena,
the bike path, or hike!
Let's Take a Break!
Learning COmmunities
Small group learning setting
Connect to College and Major
Helps with transition from High School to OU
Optional Group Events every week/weekend
Peer Mentors- upperclassman leader
My experience
Lets Find Some Classes!
Step 1:
Go to Course Offerings
Step 2:
Make sure to click on Athens, Fall Semester, & Undergrad.
Please remember to write down the 4-digit class code when you find a class you like so we can go back to it later!
! Remember we want to create an awesome but
balanced schedule
How to schedule:
LC Cluster
Tier I: Eng 1510
Tier II classes

Some OU Tips And Tricks
Textbooks: Renting VS. Buying & Uptown VS. Online
Catmail & Blackbord: Check it everyday! Try to get it on your phone if possible.
Student ID: Have it on you at all times, and remember the PID that is on it!
Know where your classes are and how long it takes for you to get there.
Make a friend in every class
Find your way to get organized and stick with it
Smile! You are a Bobcat now!
What's going on tonight
Breakfast @ 7 am in Baker Ballroom
Academic Success in Baker Ballroom @ 8 am
Meet no later than
9:15 am
back here
Come with ideas of what classes you would like to take!

Text me @ 419-351-7959
Good Morning! Lets Enroll in classes!
1. Search for classes by using the COURSE OFFERINGS
2. Go to "
"- Ohio Student Center
3. Click on "Enrollment Shopping Cart"
4. Type in that magic CLASS NUMBER, click next and add it into your shopping cart
5. Repeat until you have 15 credit hours then hit " Finish Enrolling"
6. Get Emily or the faculty advisor to look it over, complete the checklist and make sure they sign your
Ohio Guide
6. Complete BSO Survey on Catmail
7. You're free to go (:

DARS & Syllabus
Degree Audit Report System
Tells you what classes you need
Lets do a walk through
Go to sis.ohio.edu, then student center, go to the right side to the bottom and click DARS
Tells you the layout of the class, what you will be learning, what to expect and most important the grading
My Ohio Adventure
Off Campus Dinning:
All around: Subway, Wendy's, Jimmy Johns, Chipolte, Buffalo Wild Wings
Just in Athens: Bagel Street Deli, Big Mama's Burritos, Chicken and Waffle, Goodfellas, Wings Over, Union Street Diner, Whits
Coffee Shops: Donkey Coffee, Court Street Coffee, Brennans
: Dinner (Nelson) and Res Hall (Washington on East Green) Check in
7:00 :
Expectations and Opportunities @ Memorial Auditorium
: Bobcat to Bobcat, Open Advising, Late night on the Green
Take out your phones/tablets
Use a web browser and go to : kahoot.it
Enter the Game Pin and type in your name
Download the app!

Exchange numbers
Name and pronouns
Major or area of interest
Where they are from
Why OU?

Be ready to introduce each other!

Search: OHIO Orientation

ice breaker
with UNC
Can't find something? Search what your looking for "at Ohio University."
Inclusive Pronouns
1. Open student center
2. Open course offerings
3. Enter classes using class number

4. 15 credit hours
Full transcript