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Nick Miheli's "Halloween"

Nick Miheli has created a Halloween masterpiece! It has everything you need to know about Halloween. Watch it if you dare!

M2K Kids

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Nick Miheli's "Halloween"

Nick Miheli's Halloween
came from the Druids before recorded time.
The Druids were religious people who existed in the BC times.
The Druids believed that on their New Year's Eve (10/31), the souls of the dead roamed the land of the living.
They would sacrifice people and animals and wear said people an animal's skins to disguise themselves from the previously mentioned and supposedly evil spirits.
Some Druids.
The tradition of getting candy (trick-or-treating) came from kids & poor grown-ups going around door to door begging for food and/or money in return for prayers and/or songs that were usually on behalf of the

The Traditions of Halloween and Their Origins
Dressing up in costumes came from the previously mentioned
skinning sacrificed organisms and wearing said skins to be disguised from the supposedly evil waken and wandering souls and spirits
Halloween's Origins
of course,
Came to Us

When European settlers came to us, the U.S., they, along with them, brought the
tradition of
In the middle eighteen hundreds, Halloween wasn't that popular. In the late eighteen hundreds, it became exactly how it's today (more popular) because more European settlers came to America.
How the Jack-O-Lantern Came About

The idea of the jack-o-lantern came from an Irish folk tale about a person named "Stingy Jack".
Stingy Jack was always playing tricks on people and did bad things. Once, he tricked the Devil into climbing an apple tree. Then, he carved crosses around the trunk of the tree. The Devil could not touch crosses (and still can't, and never will be able to). Jack told the Devil he would get rid of the crosses if he promised not to take his soul when he died. The Devil promised, and, of course, Jack died after a long time.
When Jack tried to go to heaven, they wouldn't take him because of his bad habits. The Devil stood true to his promise, and would not allow him...
...to come to Hell. Jack asked that the Devil at least give him some kind of light to see with, as it was very dark outside (the only place he could be), so... The Devil went and got some burning coal...
...from Hell and gave it to him to light the way.
Jack decided to put his coal in a turnip, his favorite food...
This is why people decided to put candles in what they called "jack-o-lanterns" (hallowed turnips).
However, it was later found that pumpkins worked better for jack-o-lanterns, so the used pumpkins.
The idea of ghosts came from cultures of pre-literate times.
Fear of ghosts originates from old cultures. It was thought that if you did not give food and drink to the spirit of relative, they would harm you.
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