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3rd Grade Parent Information Night

No description

Jennifer Jander

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of 3rd Grade Parent Information Night

3rd Grade Parent Information Night
Bear Creek is going 1:1
- Each student will be given their own iPad to use for the year.
- Each student will be also be signing a iPad Trust Card, the consequence for breaking any of the rules on the Trust Card are losing iPad privileges.
- Student will not be allowed to take their iPad home.
Morning Routine
* Students report to the cafeteria only between 7:15 and 7:35.
*Teachers will then escort the students to the classrooms at 7:35.
*The tardy bell will ring at 7:45.
School Hours
*7:15- Cafeteria supervision
*7:35- Students proceed to class
*7:45- Students in class- Tardy bell will ring
*2:45- Dismissal
* Graded papers and any important information will come home in students' Take Home Folders.
* A weekly newsletter will be sent to you by email. You can also locate it on the Bear Creek Third Grade website.
* Progress reports will go home at 3 weeks for failing students.
* Progress reports will go home at 6 weeks for all students.
* Report cards will go home at the end of a 9 week grading period.
* A daily behavior log is kept in your child's binder. Please review and initial it nightly.
* Please join PTA!
* Membership is $8.50
* We are in need of Home Room/ Assistant Home Room Parents
-There is a sign up sheet on the board
* Home Room Parent responsibilities:
- Coordinating parent participation for the Fall Festival
- Organize Winter and Valentine's Parties
- Assist with Teacher Appreciation Week
Contact Information:

**Conference time: 8:50-9:40**
- Please schedule in advance to ensure availability-
7:45-7:55: Circle Up
7:55-8:45- CHAMP Time
8:50-9:40- Specials
9:40-11:20- Block 1
11:20-12:20- Recess/ Lunch
12:20-12:45- Block 1 Continued
12:45-2:45- Block 2
Rotations are between:
P.E. with Jodi Lucas and Steve Adkins
Music with Travis Sampson
World of Arts with Lynette Holder
Science Inquiry with Kristi Morrison
Students will not go outside if:
Heat index exceeds 100 degrees
Wind chill is below 36 degrees
It is raining
*If your child is sensitive to weather, please remind the teacher when there is a possible need for extra attention.

*You are welcome to eat lunch with your child.
*Please sit at the Visitor’s Tables in the back of the cafeteria.
*This is a special time for you and your child only. Other students will not be allowed to join you.

*We have a Free/Reduced Lunch program.
*If you feel that this program will benefit your family, please pick up an application in the front office. (You also received this application on the first day of school.)
*Breakfast and lunch are included in the program.
*Also, if your child is in need of Summer Academy (summer school), the Free/Reduced Lunch Program will cover all expenses.

*Please, please, please restrict your child’s lunch account!
*Without restrictions, you child can buy ANYTHING he/she wants in ANY amount.
*You can restrict:
-Snacks (kind, amount of, days allowed, cash only, etc.)
-Foods based on allergies or dietary preferences

Rachel's Challenge
*Rachel Scott was a victim of the Columbine High School shooting. After the tragedy, her family found a journal where Rachel stated she "wanted to start a chain reaction of kindness"
*Bear Creek is taking this challenge to show kindness to everyone!
*Links can be earned when a student is seen by a teacher, parent, or another student doing something kind for someone else.
* We expect all students to follow the characteristics of R.E.S.P.E.C.T at all times.
* We believe that all students can be college ready socially and academically.
*We will work with all families and scholars to achieve this goal.
* The purpose of homework is to practice and review skills learned at school and to prepare for future learning.
* Math homework is set-up as a spiral review.
* 10 minutes of journal work is required.
* Daily at-home reading is expected.
* Students are expected to complete homework nightly.
* Homework is designed to take about 30 minutes. If it is taking your student longer than that please let their teacher know.
Bus Circle:
-Students in Kindergarten
-1st-5th graders with a sibling in Kindergarten

Regular School Driveway:
- 1st-5th graders with no sibling in Kindergarten
Please have your RED car sign in your windshield
Behavior Log
We will be utilizing a behavior log this year instead of the clip chart system. Behavior log will be marked to show student choices throughout the day. It must be signed daily and returned to school. Consequences will be based off the number of checks a student recieves.
*Verbal praise from teacher and peers
*Tickets can be earned for Star passes
*Nine week celebrations
*Bear Brags
Field Trip
*The field trip will be taken in the Spring.
*More information will be sent home as it becomes available.
Class T-Shirts
*More details regarding cost, design, and need of classroom t-shirts will be given as it becomes available.
* T-shirts may be worn on the field trip, STAAR test days, Field Day, and Spirit days (Fridays).
Around the World at Bear Creek
*This is a great time for our students and teachers to celebrate the diversity at Bear Creek.
*We will be sending more information home as it becomes available.
*If you would like to bring a treat for your child's birthday please bring cookies only.
*Parents are not permitted to come down to the child's room to celebrate their birthday.
*Please drop off goodies in the office.
*Any invitations must be approved by the principal before they are allowed to be passed out. Only students may pass out invitations to peers and it may only be done before or after school hours. They must have an invitation for each student in the class.
Class Parties
*There will be a Winter and Valentine's Party.
*More information will be sent home from the Homeroom Parent.
25 Book Challenge
25 Book Challenge
*Please review the section over "Dress and Grooming."
*Criteria #1
-Natural hair color (no pink, blue, etc.)
-No spiked, or mohawk, hair
*Criteria #8
-No spaghetti straps
-No tank tops
-Shorts must be fingertip length
-Taken during school days BOY, MOY, EOY
-Covers Math and Reading
*ACT Aspire
-Taken during school days in September, November, February, and May
-Covers Math and Reading
**The results of these test help teachers better plan more personalized learning experiences for each student**

*STAAR- State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness
*STAAR Math- April 21
*STAAR Reading- April 22

*If you would like to volunteer at Bear Creek, please fill out a background check form online.
*Volunteers must complete a background check every school year.
*Online form:
-Parents and Students
-Volunteer Background Check
*Watch D.O.G.S.*- Dads Of Great Students
Family Access
*You can view your child's grades through Family Access.
*Please contact the Front Office to receive your username and password.
R - responsible
E - engaged
S - supportive
P - perserverant
E - empathetic
C - courteous
T - trustworthy
Circle Up Time
This year at BCE we are continuing the restorative practice of Circle Up time.
This practice is intended to grow a strong classroom community that is filled with love and support.
New District Policy
ALL visitors must sign in at the office before walking to your child's classroom.
This includes walking your child to class in the morning.
Perfect Attendance
In order to receive Perfect Attendance this year a student:
-Must be present everyday
-Have no more than 5 tardies
-May not leave school early more than 2 time during the year
Destination Imagination
*Extracurricular program that will be held after school. It is chaperoned by parents and teachers.
*Students are given problem solving activities to complete cooperatively in their group.
*Parent meeting will be held for those interested. We will send home the information as we get it.
*GCISD's reading initiative for students in grade 3-12
*Based on a challenge issued in Donalyn Miller's "The Book Whisperer"
*General Rules (can be found in packet):
-Page count must be a minimum of 100
-Books over 300 may count as 2 books
-Books must be a variety of genres
-Documentation is needed in order to receive credit and will be provided by teacher

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