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How are DNA, genes, traits, and proteins related?

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matthew evans

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of How are DNA, genes, traits, and proteins related?

What Exactly Are These Proteins that DNA Makes?
A protein is essentially a big jumble of DNA all connected together taking the form of a gene or trait.
Where do
animals do these processes?
Where Is An Animal's DNA? How Would It Affect Us?
DNA is found in a cell nucleus. It contains the blue prints to make all sorts of cells and proteins
This would mean we potentially could produce animal proteins, which would give us their traits
How does DNA
and all of these processes work together in an animal?
How does DNA
cause an animals' proteins to change shape?
Mutations in DNA can cause a change because then the gene is affected, and the base pairs are affected, and the traits are affected and the process of protein synthesis is changed. However, mutations can be good, bad or neutral.
Why Would We Put Genes Into Other Organisms?
What Is
The Process In
Expressing A Trait Of A Gene?
Transcription is the first step in the gene expression. It is when piece of DNA is copied into RNA.
Now That The
mRNA Is Made, What's Next?
Translation is when the RNA from transcription is used to create a protein which dictates a gene expression.
How is DNA
involved in doing this?
DNA is the base substance from which all things build from. The DNA from other animals would produce genes and traits in the form of proteins to add that aspect of the animal.
What Part Does RNA Have In Animal Cells?
Every cell has substances called RNA which transports cell data throughout the body. The RNA from an animal would transport the plans of its' genes throughout the body.
Transcription occurs in the nucleus, while translation occurs in the ribosomes.
First, certain parts of DNA called genes, break off and new nucleotides pair up with the base pairs and mRNA is created. The end result of a protein is based on the structure of DNA because transcription and translation occur and proteins are created in the ribosome so DNA is the starting point and has a major role in protein synthesis.
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