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Welcome to iCLUB

No description

Grant Lu

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to iCLUB

Welcome to iCLUB
Clements International Club 2014-2015
Our mission is to promote the diversity within Clements
We do this by helping out with local events such as Fort Bend International Festival, attending cultural events, and hosting our very own Clements International Festival
About Clements International Club
Member Requirements
Biggest fundraiser at Clements
All proceeds are donated to organizations such as St. Jude's or World Vision
Includes various performances and food from around the world
This year we'll include booths for different fun activities from around the world (Ideas include games, gallery walks, etc.)
More than 700 people attended last year
What is Clements IFest?
Group whose goal is to design, create, and paint the decorations for I-Fest.
Last year included the 5 giant murals of Disney Characters, the balloons, etc.
Decorations will be done in afternoon sessions in the Commons after school. Sessions most likely to begin 2nd semester around March.
Easy volunteer hours for participants. Sign in to each session and sign out when leaving. Hours will be awarded at the conclusion of I-Fest.

Decorations Committee

I-Fest Theme:
Mythological Creatures
If you have any ideas, please let us know!

T-shirts will be available this year
Design TBA: please submit shirt designs!
Post on Facebook Group
Send to I-Club gmail
Submitted Designs - 1 point
Winning Design - free shirt and 2 points!!!
Theme and T-shirts
Members of Restaurant Committee will be responsible for procuring international cuisine for iFEST
Committee members will interface with food vendors and store managers to organize one of the most important aspects of iFEST (food)
Try to get discounts on the food we buy so we can donate more to charity
Good for people interested in marketing/business or those interested in international foods

Restaurant Committee
We have social events now??

YES we do!!!
It's going to be once a semester, and it's gonna be worth points!
I need people that are creative and good at planning things.
We're going to have sooooo much fun!
Socials Committee
Facebook Page: Clements International Club
Email: clementshsiclub@gmail.com

Next Meeting:
October 20
-same time,
same place (Monday 2:45 pm upstairs lecture hall)
Turn in $15 dues

Thanks for Coming!
(please clean up your food)
Let's make this year a year to remember!
Co-Presidents: Jinghan and Grant
Vice President: Rachel
Secretary/Treasurer: William
Restaurant Chair: Amber
Decorations Chairs: Kevin and Stacy
Volunteer Coordinator: Suha
Socials Coordinator: Varsha

Sponsors: Ms. Greene and Ms. Beckman
I-Club Officers 2014-2015
Sign up with our remind101 to get updates on meetings, volunteering opportunities, and fun socials!!!
Club Dues:
$15 due by next meeting
Everyone is required to have
4 points
to be an active member, 12 points to run for officer, and 16 points to run for President
Volunteering (cultural events, Fort Bend I-Fest, Clements I-Fest, committee work): 1 point per 2 hours
Giving a cultural presentation: 3 points
Attending Clements I-Fest: 2 points
Attending Fort Bend I-Fest: 1 point
Attending meetings/socials: 1 point
Each meeting of the month will have a different cultural theme
Presentations about the country of the month will be given
There will also be food and other treats native to the country present at the meeting!!!
October Theme: Germany
(512) 872-3282

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