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Nailah Jenkins

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Daances

The Cumbia
Traditional Dances of Spanish-Speaking Countries
Naomi TiGer Davis, Nailah Jenkins, Gracie Hirsch, & Mackenzie Sinon
The Rumba is a cuban genre including dance, song, and percussion. It is a combination of African dance, drumming traditions,and Spanish influences. There are two different types, Yambú and Guaguancó. Yambú is the slowest and oldest style and Guaguancó is the most popular.

The Rumba
Caballito Nicoyano
-They carry canes, wear pink masks, and white beards to make themselves look like old men.
-This dance form is very ancient.
-This dance shows governance.
-This is a five day ritual.
-The dancers walk with canes, acting like old men. They stomp their feet loudly by using their wooden-soled shoes. Some men dress up as female dancers in order to provide comic relief by laughing
Danza de Los Viejitos / The Dance of Little Old Men
The Cumbia is a music and dance genre that is very popular in Latin America. It was originated by Panamanians, Colombians, slaves brought from Africa, and the Spanish. It originated in the late 17th century as a courtship dance. While dancing, women wore long layered skirts, and men wore sombrero hats. Instruments used for cumbia dancing are percussion and woodwind.
Performed barefoot - campesino style
In the dance, the man plays the role of the cattle rancher and the woman plays the role of the colt he is trying to capture
Caballito Nicoyano is from Costa Rica
The performers wear "farmer's clothing"
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