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A Level Textile Design

Open evening presentation

Louise Brown

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of A Level Textile Design

Research. Analysis. Creativity. Confidence.
GCSE Textile Technology
Why Choose to Study Textiles?
GCSE Textile Technology
"Textile designers and graduates find employment with companies such as Nokia, Ford, Nissan in addition to a growing number of design jobs in knit, weave, print etc around the world. The textiles industry in the UK supplies the highest quality of fabrics to the luxury brands in fashion e.g. Burberry, Dior. The global textiles industry is thriving and our graduates are placed in companies all over the world. Scientists and technologists developing high tech fibres and smart textiles collaborate with textiles designers to create the desirable high performance fabrics for companies such as NIke and Puma. Textiles graduates also go on to work for the Trend Prediction companies relied upon by global brands such as Marks and Spencer for seasonal direction. etc. And of course a number of textiles graduates set up their own labels as designer makers in textiles, fashion, product and interiors e.g. Alice Temperley.''
Anne Smith. Dean of Fashion. Central Saint Martins
GCSE Textile Technology
Education and Career Progression
GCSE Textile Technology
What skills or qualities should you have?

A portfolio of work to the standard required by the top arts

A range of useful and rewarding Textiles skills

Transferable Skills to other subjects-
Ability to collate useful and relevant
. Analytical skills
Preparation and planning skills

Textile Design forms a part of the vibrant ever changing Fashion industry.- But Its not just about 'Designing Dresses'!
The textiles/fashion industry makes up 30% of the UK's income.
Oxford Economics, says the UK fashion industry is the largest employer of all the creative industries, directly employing 816,000 people.
Fashion Marketing
Fashion Designer
Fashion Journalism
Textile Technologist
Textile Scientist
Fashion Promotion
Costume Design
Freelance Design
Interior Design
Fashion photography
Creative flair
'outside the box' thinking

Have a genuine interest and passion for Textiles, Fashion and the Design process.
Generic Skills required
Have a good grasp of Spelling and Grammar.
Be willing to complete independent research and planning.
•Be highly motivated and self disciplined.
•Be willing to read extensively around the subject from
a variety of sources.
So what will you gain from studying this qualification ?
Fashion Promotion
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