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Avril Lavigne

No description

GV Computer

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne was born on September 17 1985 .Belleville, Ontario, Canada When she secured a record deal she dropped out of High School after 11th grade. When she turned 16 she moved to Manhattan to work on her debut album. She played the voice of Heather(the possem) in Over The Hedge. When she was almost 18 she released "Complicated" from her debut album. titled "Let Go". They first go together in February and only few people knew.On Aug. 8 Chad proposed to her with a 14-carat diamond sparkler. Avril is engaged to Chad Kroeger, Nickleback's frontman. Avril won a radio contest to sing a duet with Shania Twain in Ottawa. (1999) Avril had a passion to do music ever since she was little. Avril Lavigne is a Canadian singer. Her full name is Avril Ramona Lavigne. Avril's nicknames are Avi and Av. Using her dad's guitar she taught herself to play. She plays the guitar,piano and drums. she tried to get attention when it wasn't on her. She was the middle child in her family. At ten years old she started to play the guitar. Avril always sings live and refuses to lip-sync. Her little sister starred in the music video Sk8er Boi. Avril's name means April in French.
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